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30 years later, the Finnish company Salli is thriving more than ever for crafting the healthiest seat in the world. The standing-like posture, active sitting, premium ergonomic support, and multiple accessories make it a unique and life-changing design for many different work categories. From healthcare, pharma, beauty services, to tech, or just at your desk, the Salli Saddle chair supports you in many ways.

Movement, blood flow and posture are the fundamentals of this design that keep you healthy and productive. Often copied but never equaled, the premium quality custom seats are traditionally handmade following strict quality control and the highest environmental standards.

Salli Saddle chair best dentist and healthiest ergonomic chair by PhilZen

The Swingfit is our best seller as it offers the most movement. The Multiadjuster fits most accessories and is especially liked by surgeons or anyone doing precision work needing arm support. As it can be a bit overwhelming to see all chairs names, we broke it down for you. What differentiates the chairs is the movement (tilt or swing) and the seat width (adjustable or not):

Salli Saddle Chair Designs by Phil Zen
Salli offers a wide range of accessories for additional support and reduced strain as you focus on your precision work. Accessories are compatible with the following chairs:  
Salli Saddle Chair Accessories Ergo Rest Elbow by PhilZen