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New Salli Expert or Surgeon


+ The healthiest ergonomic chair used by thousands of precision workers around the world in operating theatres, dental clinics, and many other physically demanding jobs

+ The chair follows your movement and supports you for long hours so you can focus on what you do best without feeling the pain of a poor posture.

+ The chair features adjustable arm support, back strech support, foot-operated height adjuster,  front & back seat tilt movement & width adjustment.

+ The Salli Saddle Chair offers you an unburdened, standing-like, and active way to sit in balance that affects positively your whole body, circulation, and metabolism. 

Be mindful:

• This chair requires about a few days to adapt but once you get used to it you definitively adopt it. Check out our blog How to use your Salli chair 


The Salli Expert Multiadjuster Saddle chair is an excellent option if you feel the need for support for both your left and right arms at the same time as you work on precision work. The tilt mechanism enables you to better position your body as you work on your task. The foot-operated height adjuster enables you to adjust the chair without using your busy / sanitized hands. The backrest enables you to strech when working long hours.

Riding-like sitting affects posture, breathing, and blood circulation into the lower limbs, genitalia, external and internal pelvic organs, muscles, and joints. You even benefit from better bowel movements. The split between the two-part of the seat increases circulation and comfort in the genital area for both genders. The Salli Expert follows your movement and supports your movments for long hours so you can fous on what you do best without feeling the burden of a bad posture.  



• Active sitting with back and forth tilt mechanism and width adjustment 

• The standard size seat gives good support also for people who have a broader pelvis. This is especially the case if their muscles are flexible. The Small models are 2.26inch smaller and are liked especially by people with narrow pelvis or children. Also if you have tight muscles around the hips and/or relatively short legs the Small seat might feel more comfortable for you to use. 

• Gas spring comes in metallic or black depending on the base color chosen

• Multiple upholstery options available. See the 2023 Salli Upholstery Color Chart

• Maximum load 260 pound

• Average chair weight 24 pounds

• Easy assembly

• Premium quality made in Finland

• 10 years warranty 

Check out our other chair options in our Salli Collection or download the Salli Brochure for full details.


We recommend the enclosed tutorial video to make sure to use the chair correctly.  


Stretching Support

Allows back stretching while seated. Salli chairs don't require back support otherwise. In the right sitting posture, your back does not touch the support.

  • Seats MultiAdjuster, Small MultiAdjuster, Twin, Classic, Light Tilt, and Slim Tilt
  • Learn more about the Stretching Support in this video
  • Leather, artificial leather, ESD artificial leather, fabric, black polyurethane,
  • Warranty 2 years
  • Salli stretch support by Phil Zen

    Top Bottom

    Enables height adjustment without using the lever by hand. Recommended for hygienic environments, such as operating theatres and dental clinics. Colour: metal. The price does not include base and castors.

    Note! The combination Salli Base and Top & Bottom always with Ø 75 mm inline or industrial castors.

    Salli Top Bottom Foot Seat Height Adjuster by Phil Zen

    Gas Spring

    The short gas spring S is suitable for users under 4'9, medium M for users under 5'6, and long L for users over 5'4. S Light gas spring (only matte black) is most suitable for children of 9-14 years, as it needs less weight to lower the seat.

    Mini gas spring is for special circumstances only, and its use is not dependent on the user’s height but the working height.

    Colors metallic, matte metallic, or black.

    Shipping & Returns


    Custom chairs made at the Salli factory in Norway. Ships within 3 to 4 weeks and it takes about one week for delivery via FedEx from Europe.  

    The chairs are made to order and therefore no returns can be accepted. 


    The manufacturer warrants its products against defects in materials or workmanship which arise during the course of regular indoor use, and for normal wear of genuine leather components, as follows:

    Ten (10) years for upholstered chairs (e.g., Salli Swing, Swing Care, SwingFit, SwingFit Care, Multiadjuster, Multiadjuster Care, Twin, Twin Care, Classic, Strong), including the seat, casters, tilt mechanism, lift, and base.

    Two (2) years for non-upholstered chairs (e.g., Salli Pro), including the seat, casters, tilt mechanism, standard pneumatic cylinder, and base.

    Two (2) years for chair accessories and pneumatic foot-control assembly.

    See the Salli Instruction Manual (Finland) for complete warranty information.

    The chair must not be used or stored in temperatures lower than + 5 °C. The purchaser's sole claim shall be for repair or replacement, at the sole option of Salli Systems / Easydoing Ltd., of any defective product covered by the warranty.