Why us?

Philippe - Founder & CEO Phil Zen Design

It's actually about you!

Wellness and environment are proven to be closely linked to each other. The search for the first one drives our actions for the latter making us more conscious consumers. As less is more and quality trumps quantity, the look and feel of the items we surround ourselves with become more important than ever.

Phil Zen is a lifestyle and design concept I started together with my wife after living and working on four continents. Parents, both professionals, rushing through busy days, we experienced the challenges of the increasing demands of working from home and the pandemic has just made our project more relevant than ever. This inspired us to focus on how to simplify our lives, enhance our surroundings, our connection to nature, and ultimately contribute to our well-being.

With our boutique online store we launched earlier this year, our objective is to share some of our findings, our taste for interior biophilic design, and hopefully assist you in improving your overall life experience.


Why should you choose us?

As many of us increasingly work virtually, Phil Zen aims to provide a selection of amazing products for an enjoyable, ergonomic and productive work environment. We cooperate with a group of carefully selected manufacturers offering beautiful innovative, smart and sustainable designs of outstanding quality, backed by top-rated customer service.


• Satisfaction guarantee: We are a boutique shop and carefully select the items we sell in terms of design and quality but also the reliability and environmental consciousness of our suppliers, to make sure we provide you the best shopping experience and items you will truly enjoy for years. Our objective is not to submerge you with all available products on the market, but to offer you what we believe are great options. Product information, availability and versions are constantly updated to give you all you need to make the choice that suits you. We tend to offer you as many product personalizations as possible so you can enjoy a truly unique and customized experience.


• Buy from us, plant a tree : We care deeply about our planet and creating a business that not only limits its environmental footprint, but also gives back to nature. We work with suppliers who are engaged in reaching highest environmental standards, and we also partner with One Tree Planted to plant trees to make an impact! For every customer purchase we plant a tree. Since we started supporting this initiative, we planted over 200 trees... and counting! (NOV 2020). Learn more


• Supplier Direct: We source our products directly from our suppliers to make sure you get the latest available products and deals. As items are shipped directly from our suppliers to your home, it limits the number of people touching your product and the risk of damages.


• Price Match Guarantee: We want you to feel confident you get the best online deal (see policy for further details).


• Fast Shipping: We process your order automatically with our suppliers directly and items will ship within 1 to 3 business days in most of the cases. Built to order and custom made products take the time of craftsmanship which usually is between 4 to 12 weeks depending on the supplier. Timelines can be found on each product page. 

For now, we distribute in the US only and via FedEx, UPS and First Class Priority Mail.


• Secure website: Our store uses the latest SSL encryption protocols to keep your information secured.


If you have any questions about our products, or if would like to check the availability of an item, please use the Contact Us form, chat with us or just give us a call at 833 888 5289 everyday from 9am to 9pm ET