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Biophilia is your booster!

Biophilia is your booster by PhiZen

The concept of Biophilia

Biophilia explores the innate connection of humans and nature.  It also studies the restorative healing and sense of well-being that results from that interaction.

When biophilic principles are applied to our spaces, there is a cascade of stimulating benefits for our daily life: reduction of stress, increase of focus, creativity, productivity and a positive impact on our mood and general wellbeing.

Researchers have been studying biophilic principles and their impact on humans. One of such principles is the presence of plants inside buildings(1).


So how can you incorporate biophilic design in your workspace?

  1. Plants are a simple and effective way to start as they bring the presence and colors of nature indoors. The different shades of green bring a sense of balance and harmony and there are many creative and smart ways to do it . How much plants purify the air in your home is debatable, however their positive effect on our general mental state notable and as a result they improve our concentration. Plants also help to reduce background noise levels and are often used as smart sound dampening solutions.

  2. Natural light brings life to any space, thus positioning desks near a window and a green outdoor is ideal. Since often, this is not an option, artificial lighting strategically placed is of capital importance. Furthermore, recent advancements of daylight lamps have been capitalizing the beneficial effects of daylight wavelengths as mood enhancers, especially during shorter winter days.

    PhilZen Biophilic interior plants colors natural light nature
  3. Vibrant colors have been known to have a positive impact on mood and performance. Nature patterned wallpapers and well-chosen wall and accent decors are a recommended feature to create energizing spaces.

  4. Materials such as wood and other organic components are a great way to mimic the outdoors. Natural materials should be preferred over synthetic variations because human receptors can tell the difference between real and synthetic, so minimally processed natural materials are preferred whenever possible. The same applies to plants, where using fake ones would have less impact.
  5. Natural forms and patterns introduced by the shape of the items surrounding you, or by using decors, wallpapers or art that create a more visually pleasing environment enhance cognitive performance while helping in reducing stress.
  6. Soft air motion and ventilation increase the sensation of freshness, make the space feel alive, invigorating and comfortable which can improve concentration and performance (3).


Take the driver seat to your wellness by PhilZen

Take the driver seat to boost your wellness & productivity!

Phil Zen aims to provide a selection of innovative, smart and sustainable designs for an enjoyable, ergonomic and productive work environment based on a biophilic approach. Browse our pages for inspiration or
connect with us if we can assist you in making your workspace more biophilic!


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