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Why consider active chairs?

Activity doesn't cancel out the negative impact of being sedentary, much like eating an apple does not cancel the effects of smoking a cigarette...

Not sure where to start?

Browse our ZenSpirations for ideas on how to organize your very own joyful workspace. A healthy set up should meet ergonomic basicspromote movement, have great lighting and ideally include some green. How about a lounge chair for creative thinking or to take your calls? 

Buy a desk and get 15% off your chair, partition or storage at checkout.

Busy home?

Partition walls and sound dampening solutions have come back into fashion with a bang! With our recent busy homes, creating a quiet place to focus can be priceless. Our selection of smart and biophilic solutions help increase your wellbeing and productivity!

Spending over 6 hours at your office desk would usually exert pressure on your spine, shoulders, back, and neck. Feeling the pain?Perhaps, it’s time to change your work chair. 
How to improve wellness and productivity in a work environment? Biophilic design plays a significant role in achieving this as it incorporates nature into spaces. Discover 9 offices with outstanding biophilic designs and find inspiration for your home office
Getting yourself a proper setting should not be considered as a cost but an investment in your health and wellbeing...
The name Kneeling Chair can be misleading as you are not supposed to kneel...

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