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Ultimate WFH Guide

The essential starting point for maximizing at-home work productivity is focusing on your physical and mental health.

Back-to-School is the perfect time to reassess your routine and set up to find out how you can boost your wellness.

Why consider active chairs?

Activity doesn't cancel out the negative impact of being sedentary, much like eating an apple does not cancel the effects of smoking a cigarette...

Busy home?

Partition walls and sound dampening solutions have come back into fashion with a bang! With our recent busy homes, creating a quiet place to focus can be priceless. Our selection of smart and biophilic solutions help increase your wellbeing and productivity!

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We work with suppliers who are engaged in reaching the highest environmental standards and partner with One Tree Planted to plant trees and make an impact! We currently support projects on the West Coast in the wake of recent wildfires. With every purchase you plant one tree.

The most important starting point for maximizing at-home work productivity is to improve your health—physical and mental. Here is how...

Feeling anxious or down at times? Boost your mood by increasing your own happiness hormones.

There was lots of excitement as the doors of the Interior Design Show reopened this year. Find out what happened and which were the biggest attention-grabbers!

Launched in 1984, the popularity of the HÅG Capisco has grown steadily, and the chair is now one of the world's most famous active chairs. Find out the top 3 reasons of its success


A healthy setup should meet ergonomic basics and promote movement. A proper active chair is the best place to start.

For a quick personalized recommendation, take our simple 10-second / 4-question quizthat can help guide you to find a great fit for you. For further information, check out our 2022 Best Active Chair Guide, otherwise contact us and we will be happy to asssit!

Check out the highlights in our infographic and find out which kneeling chair is best for you in Varier Collection overview.

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