Ayno Table Lamp


+Minimalist, simple yet efficient designed with a state-of-the-art feature through LED and low voltage technology so you can be fully comfortable, focussed, and productive in whatever you are doing

+ The Low voltage lighting provides flexibility for brightness and color-tuning

Uses a slim, flexible fiberglass rod to which a thin cable is fixed with two continuously movable adjustment rings, so you can bend and place the cone light  into the desired position

Sorted recycling: all used materials can easily be separated from one another by hand, due to the use of plug connections - no tools needed. Therefore significantly extends the lifespan of the lamp

+ Winner of the German Sustainability Award in design 2021 


A Winner of the German sustainability award in design 2021, the Ayno Collection features minimalistic construction enabling extremely low resource consumption during production. The first design of Midgard since the 1950s, Ayno is testing the boundaries between the origin and status quo of adjustable lighting.


About the designer

“A design break of almost 70 years at Midgard was a clear challenge. And we were very happy to accept it, considering it a call to finding a radical solution.”-Stefan Diez

Working with Konstantin Grcic for several years, Stefan graduated in 2002 and founded DIEZ OFFICE in Munich. From 2007 onwards Stefan was Professor of Industrial Design at the University of Arts and Design Karlsruhe, joining the School of Industrial Design Lund, Sweden, in 2015. Since 2018 Stefan Diez is Head of Industrial Design at Die Angewandte in Vienna.

About Midgard

The early 20th-century inventor and designer Curt Fischer spent time researching ways in which he might be able to improve the light quality in his town's factories during the 19-teens. Upon visiting and speaking with the workers, it was discovered that the downward-casting overhead lighting created shadows on their work surfaces. And so the first articulating lamp was designed and patented. Used on the wall or desktop, this adjustable lamp even allows for an optional asymmetrical rotatable shade to block direct light from the user's eye.

After nearly 100 years of surviving war and depression, Midgard was purchased and brought back to life in 2014 by long-time collector David Einsiedler and his partner Joke Rasch. Using the exact tooling and machines from the original factory and staying true to the designs and materials used decades before, Midgard is now a reputable supplier of lighting for homes as well as many large corporations who wish to outfit their offices with quality, functional, and well-designed lighting

Ayno Milgard lamp family by Phil Zen


  • 7 Watts, dimmable & replaceable LED light source

  • No-tools-required to assemble

  • Freestanding fixture: steel

  • 40 number of LEDs on the circuit board

  • 130 lumens per watt, RA90+

  • IP 20 / protection class II

  • Powder-coated lampshade: recycled ABS/PC

  • Cord: 60" black fabric covered cord

  • Certification: UL Certified

  • Weight: 5.5 pounds

  • Lighting color : 3000 K / RA95+ (warm white)

    For more details, download the Ayno Table Lamp Brochure here.


    Shipping & Warranty

    Ships in 3 to 5 business days. No returns on Ayno table lamps.


    Two (2) years warranty.

    Care Instructions:

    Dust with a soft dry cloth or wipe with a damp cloth using water only and drying thoroughly. Always switch off the electricity supply before cleaning.

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