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Which Varier Kneeling Chair Is Right For You?

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You found out about the ergonomic benefits a kneeling chair has to offer, but feel unsure about which one is right for you? Or you already own one and love it so much that you consider getting another one? The Varier Balans collection, designed by Peter Opsvik, is a supreme family of active kneeling chairs that are versatile enough to be used all around your home and office. 

All are intended for use at standard height tables and allow you to vary between the kneeling position and more traditional sitting. We have summarized the key differences between them to help you identify the Varier kneeling chair that best suits your needs. 

Multi Varier Chair - The funky compact 

Multi offers a creative sitting option anywhere you might want to take a seat. Thanks to its wood knobs, the seat can be positioned at four different angles. When in the very highest position, Multi allows for a steep sitting posture which is almost as easy on your back as standing. 

The chair kneeling remains steady on the floor, while caps on the edge of the wooden base enable it to roll back and forth. The chair is compact and can lie completely flat, making it easy to carry or store.

Varier Multi Balans - Best 2022 kneeling chairs by Phil Zen
Varier Wing Balans Best 2022 kneeling chairs by Phil Zen

Wing Varier Chair - The only height adjustable on caster

Wing is a special exception within the Varier collection as it is the only kneeling chair with wheels. Wing is many things in one, it is a kneeling chair, it features a swivel base with wheels, it is height adjustable and can be used in any workspace.

In essence, it is versatility in the shape of a sitting device. The chair may be used at standard table heights and standing desks up to 35 inches. Wing is available in a black cross base and a wide range of upholstery fabrics and colors. 

Variable Varier Kneeling Chair - The original 

Variable is an instantly recognizable design icon. First introduced at the Scandinavian Furniture Fair in Copenhagen in 1979, Variable was one of the first prototypes derived from the balans concept. As its name suggests, the chair allows for variation between different positions. Its curved runners allow for gentle rocking motions while a tilted seat enables an open hip angle.

The two cushions beneath the seat can be used to rest your shins, one foot, both or neither by placing your feet on the ground. You can also turn around or sit sideways if you so please. The chair is designed as an open construction, free of mechanical adjustment parts. It is lightweight and can easily be moved around. You can add an optional slim and upholstered backrest to get some level of back support to your chair to stretch or lean back for taking your calls.  

Varier Variable Balans best kneeling chair by Phil Zen
Variable Balans Plus Best 2022 kneeling chairs by Phil Zen

Variable Plus - The one that has your back  

If you look for a larger and more comfortable backrest as you don't want to give it up just yet, but still crave the freedom of movement and variation that a kneeling chair has to offer, Variable Plus is the chair for you.

The Variable Plus is the latest 2021 design from Peter Opsvik and is an advancement of the iconic Variable with optimized curvature of the wooden runners, ensuring that finding and holding a balanced position is both effortless and intuitive.

Thatsit Varier Chair - The most adjustable  

Thatsit is an evolution of the iconic Variable as well. It is an ideal work chair for either the home or the office and is designed for seamless transitions between different positions. It features a wider seat, a fixed backrest, adjustable in both height and depth, and adjustable shin rests.

The wingback is a perfect spot to rest your elbows or turn around and lean your torso against it for variation. The chair invites you to lean both in and back. As the most adjustable chair of the collection, it allows you to find the setting that best supports you and which makes the chair more adapted for longer hours of sitting. 

Thatsit Balans Best 2022 kneeling chairs by Phil Zen
Gravity Balans Best 2022 kneeling chairs by Phil Zen

Gravity Varier Chair - The lifestyle

Gravity is a way of life. It was designed with the intention to create a single chair that could accommodate both relaxation and productivity. Its four angles allow postures ranging from kneeling to fully reclined. You can use it as a kneeling chair when leaning forward and shifting your weight slightly backward for an upright position, placing your feet on either the floor or shin cushions for variation.

Lean all the way back until your legs are elevated above your heart and in this levitation-like position, the chair gently rocks in response to the rhythm of your breathing and allows you to relax into weightlessness. The space between the headrest and tilted backrest provides freedom of movement for the arms and shoulders. The headrest itself can be moved up or down to fit your needs. From task to nap, this chair quickly becomes your prefered spot. 

In summary

Keep in mind that without traditional back- or armrests to lean on, your body will need to work to keep its balance. To some, this is effortless, while others may experience that it requires some time getting used to as your muscles adapt to a new way of sitting. Allow yourself time to get familiar with your kneeling chair and check out our blog post on How to get used to your kneeling chair.

A chair is a big investment. Not only in terms of money spent but above all, the time we spend using it. Your chair is the closest thing to you. Let's make sure it's a good one.  

Don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions. We are here to assist. Head over to our Varier collection and discover our entire range of active chairs.  

Varier Kneeling Chair Comparison Summary by Phil Zen Multi, Wing, Variable, Variable Plus, Thatsit, Gravity Balans