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Salli Optidesk


+ Spacious, electrically adjustable standing desk

+ Gives good support for arms and shoulders for optimal relaxation & balance

+ Backed by a 2-year warranty & very responsive customer support for peace of mind

+ Digital handsets with 4 memory presets allow easy control of the desk's telescopic legs, adjusting perfectly to your comfort

+ Choose from 2 base frame finishes, with optional integrated wireless charger (white) for your mobile devices to fit your taste and needs (the charger needs its own electrical connection, the power does not come from the power supply of the table)

AMQ ACTIV PRO desk by PhilZen


An adjustable desk and a saddle chair are a great combination for ergonomic work. Salli’s ergonomic adjustable desks are suitable for both sitting and standing work. The desks have a recess, which allows you to get close enough and provide support for your upper body. Avoid back pain and keep your energy levels high by choosing the right working posture. Your home office will look amazing and keep you moving for years ahead, keeping you healthy and productive!

Check out also the smaller version of the E-desk.


• Handset push button with 4 programmable settings

• Safety Anti-collision: the built-in gyroscope sensors in the control boxes can detect angle and speed changes on three axes, triggering the anti-collision safety feature. When activated, bases reverse direction for 2 seconds before stopping. 

  • Desk top size: 147" x 29.5" x 0.63", plywood

  • Frame weight: 30.9 lbs 

  • Overall weight: 57 lbs

  • Max load: 88 lbs

  • Round edge profile

  • Colors white and black

  • Recess gives support to upper body

  • Electric height adjustment, 28–46 inches

  • Memory location for 4 heights

  • Integrated wireless charger for your mobile devices also available (optional)

  • Elbow pads ErgoRoll, black polyurethane

  • 2 year limited warranty

  • Assembly required

Download the Salli Brochure or the Assembly Instructions Manual. You can also check out additional info in the handset manual and the optidesk dimensions. 

Shipping & Returns

Custom chairs are made to order in the Salli factory in Finland. Your chair ships within 3 weeks and takes about a week to get to you.

Note: Black table top has a longer delivery

The chairs & desks are made to order and therefore no returns can be accepted. 


The manufacturer warrants its products against defects in materials or craft which arise during the course of regular indoor use and for normal wear of genuine leather components, as follows:

Ten (10) years for upholstered chairs, including the seat, casters, tilt mechanism, lift, and base.

Two (2) years for desk & accessories.

The warranty from the date of purchase of the Salli product (“Product”), for any structural defect in the Product or a fault in its materials or assembly, which arise during regular and normal indoor use of the Product (“Defect”).

Any claim for Defect under this warranty must be made in writing to Salli immediately and in no case later than within seven (7) days from the date the distributor/end user became or should have become aware of the Defect. Any claims not made within said time-period will be null and void. The date of the purchase must be verified by the serial number of the Product and the receipt of the end user or book keeping of the distributor or Salli. The warranty time (2–10 years) is determined by the date of purchase.

The warranty given by Salli does not cover damage or faults caused by:

  • any leather damaging liquids

  • chair falling on the floor or dropping (see photos below)

  • abrasion against hard, rough or sharp objects that leaves marks

  • piercing or impressions made by sharp objects

  • normal wear and tear

  • pets

  • any amendment or alteration made to the Product whatsoever by or at the request of distributor or end user

  • any parts or objects other than those approved by Salli in writing prior to assembly used in the Product or in any way attached to the Product