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Salli Nature


+ The healthiest ergonomic chair on the market. Sali Nature is also the most sustainable of the collection 

+ The Salli Saddle Chair offers you an unburdened, standing-like, and active way to sit in balance that affects positively your whole body, circulation, and metabolism

+ Salli Nature offers Tilt or 360 Swing movement depending on the chair variant

+ Our service is rated 5* by our customers

Be mindful:

• The sitting height is about 7 - 15 inch higher than a traditional chair and therefore your Salli won't fit at a traditional desk

• This chair requires about a few days to adapt but once you get used to it you definitively adopt it 


The Salli Nature Saddle Chair offers you an unburdened, standing-like, and active way to sit in balance that affects positively your whole body, circulation, and metabolism. It is also the most sustainable of the chairs as it is made of recycled aluminum and production leather leftovers.

The combination of the riding-like sitting, the two-part split and the active movements make the Salli chair truly unique and the healthiest ergonomic sitting option on the market.  Once you adopt it, you never go back. 

The seat of Salli Nature consists of four pieces of leather, with fine stitching in between; slices are left over from the production of other chair models. The natural rough character of real leather stands out well in Nature chairs, as the occasional marks from horsefly bites to bigger scars tell about a life lived, making each chair unique.

85–95 % of the base material is recycled aluminum. Comes in black only


Chair Variants Available

It may appear to be a complex chair. but let's break it down for you. Here is an overview of the different movement mechanism and chair types:

Salli Saddle Chair  Seat Types by PhilZen

The standard size seat gives good support also for people who have a broader pelvis. This is especially the case if their muscles are flexible. The Small models are liked especially by people with a narrow pelvis. Also if you have tight muscles around the hips and/or relatively short legs the Small seat might feel more comfortable for you to use. 

How about "swing" versus "tilt"?

Swing: The 360-degree seat motion strengthens your deep core muscles and increases metabolism. Salli saddle chairs with fluid seat motion are suitable for most folks of average build. Unfortunately, the swing motion often does not work for those with anatomical characteristics at the ends of the bell curve (e.g., petite, big, generous hips or thighs, etc.). In those cases, the user’s body weight may not center over the axis of motion under the seat, which interferes with the seat’s ability to follow the body’s movement. The end result can be poor body postures.

Tilt: Tilt mechanisms offer a greater range of movement in a forward/backward tilt direction than is available in a Swing mechanism. For this reason, Salli saddle chairs with manual seat tilt adjustment can accommodate the needs of almost any body type.

Tilt the chair slightly forward to get your pelvis in its neutral position, which keeps your back in a natural healthy posture. Tilt the chair slightly backward to avoid excessive lordosis, which is common among people with hypermobile joints. 

There is no research to indicate whether "swing" or "tilt" saddle motion is superior from a health or task perspective. Some professionals need to have very precise movements and prefer the tilt motion for more stability.


• Active sitting with 360 swings or back and forth tilt mechanism

• Gas spring comes in metallic or black depending on the base color chosen

• Upholstery is made of 4 black leather pieces with fine stitching in between;

• Standard black castors

• Maximum load 260 pound

• Average chair weight 24 pounds

• Easy assembly 

• Premium quality made in Finland

• 10 years warranty 

Gas Spring

The short gas spring S is suitable for users under 4'9, medium M for users under 5'6, and long L for users over 5'4. S Light gas spring (only matte black) is most suitable for children of 9-14 years, as it needs less weight to lower the seat.

Mini gas spring is for special circumstances only, and its use is not dependent on the user’s height but the working height.

Colors metallic, matte metallic, or black.

If you look for other options, you may want to consider building your very own design with our Salli Custom

Check out our Salli Collection,  download the Salli Brochure, or the Salli Instruction Manual for more details.

We recommend the enclosed tutorial video to make sure to use the chair correctly or check out our blog How to use your Salli chair  for full details

Shipping & Returns 


Custom chairs are made to order in the Salli factory in Finland. Your chair ships within 3 to 4 weeks and takes about a week to get to you.

The chairs are made to order and therefore no returns can be accepted. 


The manufacturer warrants its products against defects in materials or craft which arise during the course of regular indoor use and for normal wear of genuine leather components, as follows:

Ten (10) years including the seat, casters, tilt mechanism, lift, and base.

See the Salli Instruction Manual (Finland) for complete warranty information.

The chair must not be used or stored in temperatures lower than + 5 °C. The purchaser's sole claim shall be for repair or replacement, at the sole option of Salli Systems / Easydoing Ltd., of any defective product covered by the warranty.