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HAT Collective

HAT COLLECTIVE home office design by PHILZEN

HAT Collective's Sis Ergo pioneered the first height-adjustable table 50 years ago

HAT Collective offers a broad range of design-forward, ergonomic solutions for the contract office market now available to residential use. Their lines celebrate thoughts and ideas, coming together to push the limits under the name of HAT Collective.

HAT Collective's products showcase craftsmanship, functionality, and innovation in design. They remain committed to quality and affordability as we endeavor to revolutionize well-being and productivity in the workplace.

Providing quick shipping and highly customizable product options, HAT Collective places an emphasis on customer service.

HAT Collective's workstations and accessories are designed to meet the most stringent worldwide ergonomic criteria. Download the brochure. HAT is only available in the US.

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