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Are you Hag Capisco or Varier Thatsit? Review & Comparison

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The Hag Capisco and the Varier Thatsit Balans have been designed by famous Norwegian designer Peter Opsvik. In the 1970s, many experts attempted to establish the optimum sitting position. Opsvik's contribution has been to create products that inspire variation between many different postures, but all in the same chair. He attempted to overcome stereotypical sitting habits with unconventional seating solutions. Designed in 1983, the popularity of the HÅG Capisco has grown steadily. The chair is now one of the world's most popular chairs.

Launched in 1991 as a spinoff of the already famous 1979 Variable Balans, the Thatsit Balans also soon became a worldwide active sitting bestseller. Let's unveil why these unconventional chairs are so highly rated.


Hag Capisco vs Varier Thatsit Balans - comparison & review by PhilZen

Overall design

Varier Furniture Thatsit Balans best 2023 home office chair by PhilZen

The main noticeable difference between both chairs is the base. The Thatsit is a kneeling chair with wood runners, and the Capisco features a more conventional caster swivel base with a gas lift.

The Thatsit works for a standard height desk, wherease the Capisco comes in three versions: Standard, for a standard desk, Sit-to-stand, which enables you to sit at a standard desk and up to an almost standing position, and Stool, which enables you to sit at a high table. The Capisco's seat pan comes in a saddle shape or standard round, similar to the Thatsit.

Both chairs feature similar T shape backrests, which stand out like Opsvik's signature. The T shape backrest offers many ways to rest your arms, stretch or recline and keeps the chair design open so that you can move on the seat pan without being restricted by traditional armrests.
HAG Capisco best 2022 home office chair by PhilZen

Healthy ergonomics

HAG Capisco Saddle best 2023 home and office active chair by PhilZen
To complement their open designs, both chairs also induce movement, but in different ways. The Capisco features the Hag in Balance® tilt mechanism that allows you to engage your core as you move back and forth. The Thatsit, with its curved wood runners in flexible plywood, offers a pleasant rocking and wiggling motion. With both chairs, you engage your core for healthier sitting.    
One significant ergonomic benefit of both chairs is sitting with an open angle (+120 degrees) between your torso and thigh. On a traditional chair, this angle is at 90 degrees, putting pressure on your hips and lower back. With the open angle, your blood flow is enhanced, and with the better-induced posture, you have less low back pressure and a better chest opening, which helps with better breathing, better oxygenation, and, therefore better focus.     
Varier Furniture Thatist Balans by Phil Zen best 2023 home and office chair


HAG Capisco customizable by Phil Zen best 2023 home and office chair

The Thatsit is the most adjustable kneeling chair on the market as it features two backrest adjustments, depth, height, and shin rest adjustments. The chair, however, doesn't adjust in seat height but was built to fit standard desks (27-30 inch).

The Capisco features tilt tension and lock, adjustments of the backrest height, seat height, seat pan angle and depth. As we are not all built the same and not sitting the same way, all those adjustments enable better comfort. 



Both HÅG Capisco and Varier Thatsit have been forerunners in eco-design. The number of components and materials used in the chairs has been reduced to a minimum and sustainably sourced. The chairs are designed for easy disassembly so that the various materials can be separated from each other to facilitate recycling. Scandinavian Business Seating quality and environmental management systems are certified by DNV-GL according to ISO 9001 and ISO. Both chairs are crafted following the highest sustainability standards.

Both chairs are durable. The Thatsit is covered by a 3-year warranty and the Capisco has a lifetime warranty on mechanism and 5-year on the piston and upholstery. 

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Final thoughts

Capisco and Thatsit, both are bestsellers and iconic designs that enable you to sit actively and in a better posture. Having used both chairs for quite some time, I must acknowledge that my posture and energy level significantly improved when using those chairs versus more traditional task chairs.

I enjoyed the Thatsit for the naturally induced better posture and the rocking motion. Its assembly is a bit more complex than the one of the Capisco. 

I like the Capisco for its versatility, as it can be used at a standard desk and when half standing at a sit-to-stand desk. Also, the many customization options shipped in 5 to 15 days ensure it fits any taste. 

Your choice may be influenced by design or how high you like to sit. You can't go wrong with one or the other. Contact us if you have any questions; we are happy to help!