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HAG Capisco VS. Capisco Puls - Which one rocks you best?

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What makes the HAG Capisco different?

With elegant curves and smooth performance, the distinct shape stands out from other chairs, adding personality to any environment. The HÅG Capisco's timelessness has elevated it from being a favorite in Scandinavian design to a world-renowned design object.
The increased awareness of the effects of sedentary behavior and the rising popularity of standing desks make the Capisco more relevant than ever.
HAG Capisco 8106 best 2023 home and office chair by PhilZen
HAG Capisco 8106 sitting options best 2023 active office chair by PhilZen
Peter Opsvik launched the chair in 1984, in an attempt to overcome stereo-typical sitting habits with an unconventional seating solution. His objective was to create a product that inspires variation between many different postures but all with the same chair. As the HÅG Capisco Saddle 8106 gained more traction globally, the need for variants of the original design emerged.

Which are the different designs of the Capisco Collection?

Some customers loved the concept but preferred a more traditional seat pan which led to the creation of the 8126; a replica of the original but featuring a conventional seating surface. Later, a lighter, stripped-down version emerged, the Capisco Puls, featuring the same seat adjustment capabilities, Hag in Balans tilt, lift height range, and base.
Hag Capisco versus Capisco Puls differences Best 2023 office active chair by PhilZen
HAG Capisco Different designs 8010 8020 8106 8126 by PhilZen
The main difference lies in the padding and upholstery. The Capisco Puls has a minimalist molded polyurethane seat and back, and a slimmer saddle. The Puls also comes in two padding version. The 8010 features one center padding strip and the 8020 a fully padded seat pan.

The stool versions of the Capisco were added to the collection, Capisco 8105 and the Capisco Puls 8001 and 8002 to offer even more options to fit everyone's needs while staying active and healthy.

Which Capisco is for you?

It all depends on how you intend to use the chair. At a standard desk or sit-to-stand desk? At a counter? All day or only a few hours at a time? At home or in a lab? Depending on your comfort expectations and if you work long hours in a row, you may want to go for a fully upholstered Capisco version. The Puls is more affordable and wonderful option for someone who is sitting fewer hours at a time and is liked in home offices, meeting rooms, healthcare and labs. The choice is yours.   

Discover more about the Capisco family in our product pages, or learn Why our customers love the Capisco. We also encourage you to hear from the designer himselfabout his design. Contact us if you have any questions. We offer you full customization options at your fingertips, built in the USA and delivered within about 2 to 3 weeks. We proudly offer you premium leather versions at a very affordable price too. Join the sitting revolution.

Hag Capisco collection by Phil Zen fully customizable best 2023 8010 8020 8106 8126 8001 8002