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Peter Opsvik Explains His Iconic Chair, The Hag Capisco

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Launched in 1984, The HÅG Capisco has received international attention as its unique design challenged the pre-existing concepts of seating and offered a brand new experience. Developed by legendary Industrial Designer and jazz musician Peter Opsvik, the Capisco was the result of Opsvik’s study of the human body and his belief that “If we are allowed to move, we move”.

Hag Capisco Saddle chair change position active chair by PhilZen

Inspired by the dynamic posture of a horse rider, its open design encourages endless ways to sit, which is where Opsvik sees its true qualities lie, as he explained.

Over time the HÅG Capisco has become the embodiment of Opsvik’s own mantra: “The best posture is always the next one.” 

Today, the HÅG Capisco is a global design icon, easily our bestselling chair, and its popularity is still rising. Its unique design is ideally suited to meet the increased awareness of the effects of sedentary behavior and the growth of both designers & consumers seeking alternative, unconventional features. Add that to the rising popularity of standing desks and the sit-stand trend, the chair is more relevant than ever.
Hag Capisco saddle chair best 2023 office chair for home office by PhilZen
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