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9 Offices With Biophilic Designs

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With employee wellbeing in mind, companies have placed great emphasis on developing work environments that are more pleasing and help boosts productivityBiophilic design plays a great role in achieving this as it incorporates nature into modern spaces, which comes with many benefits such as reducing stress, increased energy level and focus or influence your mood.    

Even when you're working at home, it's easy to turn your work corner into a biophilic office by applying the following key principles of biophilic designs

  1. Placing your work desk near a window for fresh air and natural sunlight will increase your energy level.
  2. Adding greens living or preserved within your view lowers stress.  
  3. Incorporate natural materials like wood and stone. Those connections to nature are said to improve cognitive function.  
  4. Colorful upholstery or pieces of artwork unconsciously connect to patterns and colors present in nature and are proven to be stimulating.
  5. Adding water sounds creates a more soothing environment. Have you heard of aSoftMurmur?

If you're looking for some inspiration to put these principles into practice, you're in for a treat. We've curated a list of biophilic workspaces from influential companies all around the world.  

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1. Amazon, Seattle

Talk about maximizing nature seriously -- Amazon's biodome office houses over 400 plant species and enjoys natural sunlight all around. A modern jungle indeed, Amazon also has its own waterfalls and living walls to keep both the flora and the people thriving in this place. 

Design Team: NBBJ
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Photo credits:  Bruce Damonte 
Amazon HQ Biophilic design by PhilZen  
AirBnb San Francisco Biophilic design by PhilZen

2. Airbnb, San Francisco 

The team at Airbnb believes that individuals get creative by spending less time at their own tiny desks. Instead, they encourage their employees and guests to work on shared wide spaces with natural elements, as evidenced by the green living wall in this photo. Their windows allow for light to penetrate at different levels of diffusion, which can improve the workers' physiological wellbeing and experience.

Design Team: Airbnb Environments Team, WRNS Studio, and IDF Studio
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Photo credits: Emily Hagopian 

3. Project Greenmood, Belgium 

Ceiling moss is the newest trend in biophilic design, and now, we know why. They are sound absorbing and offer the same aesthetic benefits without the maintenance or lighting a healthy living green wall would require. We also love how the design team opened the walls for glass windows to maximize the natural lighting area in this office. 

Design Team: Greenmood
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Photo credits: Greenmood

Greenmood biophilic design by PhilZen
Sberbank Biophilic design by PhilZen

4. Sberbank, Moscow 

You wouldn't think this was a financial services company at first glance, would you? They sure took biophilic seriously by integrating many of the principles from green walls, organic shapes, perspectives, nesting spaces, natural light and much more. With that many design features, the space offers connection with many of your senses with nature which makes the space very welcoming, restorative and stimulating. 

Design Team: Evolution Design with T+T Architects  

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Photo credits: Evgeny Luchin

5. Selgas Cano Architects, Madrid

As architects themselves, it's no surprise how perfectly they understand the benefits of having a biophilic office. Taking their employees literally into the woods, Selgas Cano maximized the natural experience turning this space into a semi-tunnel office.

Design Team: Selgas Cano Architects 
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Photo credits: Iwan Baan 

Selgas Cano Architects biophilic design by PhilZen


Project CPH Copenhagen Greenmood by PhilZen

6. Project CPH, Copenhagen

With the natural light, impressive perspectives, and the presence of splendid Provence moss, this project offers a living feeling and good prospect. This kind of design imparts a sense of control and safety which reduces boredom, stress, and fatigue. 

Design Team: Greenmood

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Photo credits: Greenmood

7. Joany, Los Angeles

Did you know this spherical meeting room is also called the grow room where their staff can grow food around the walls? It's quite clear how this health insurance company values healthy living. The nesting wood design and green accents blend perfectly and create a warm and authentic feel. Check out the cozy chairs too! 

Design Team: kellyarobinson

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Photo credits: Wundr Studio

Joany, Los Angeles biophilic design by Phil Zen

Denver Colorado Greenmood biophilic design by Phil Zen

8. Denver, Colorado

This giant vertical moss garden brings lush to a bare surface. It instantly brightens up the mood of the office. It's also worth noting how the architects blended different shades of green into natural-colored chairs and the information desk. The accent details, such as wood and stone together with the green hues, create a good material connection with nature which makes this reception area very welcoming. 

Design Team: Tryba Architects

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Photo credits: Tryba Architects

9. Singapore Changi Airport

We know this isn't an office but look at how the Changi airport fully incorporates every element of a biophilic design -- from the natural light and green spaces to adding the world's largest indoor waterfalls and embracing shapes of nature.

Design Team: Moshe Safdie
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Photo credit: John Seaton Callahan 

Singapore Airport biophilic design by Phil Zen 


You don't need to go as grand as these offices to achieve a biophilic design. We're sure, though, that by looking at these sample workspaces, you'll get a good grasp of what the principle is all about -- bringing nature into your space

So why not trying to apply some of those principles to your space and increase your  productivity, morale, and comfort? Check out our range of creativegreen solutions and favorites and upgrade your mood. To learn more check out our 6 easy tips for a biophilic workspace