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6 easy steps for achieving a biophilic workspace!

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What is biophilia? 

It’s about the innate connection between humans and nature. Biophilia research explores the restorative healing and sense of wellbeing that results from our interaction with the natural world. If we are far from nature, then a mere introduction of plants to our indoor spaces, coupled with some other tricks of the trade, can make a real difference(1).

When biophilic principles are applied to our spaces, there is a cascade of stimulating benefits for our daily life. Which of these benefits do you experience when working closer to nature?

  • Reduced stress
  • Increased focus and concentration
  • Heightened creativity
  • Increased productivity
  • A positive impact on our your mood and general wellbeing
Biophilia is your booster by PhiZen

How can you easily add biophilic design to your workspace?

Plants are the simplest and most effective way to kickstart your biophilic environment. They evoke a sense of harmony and calm both through their varying shades of colors, their appearance and volume. Check out the many creative and smart solutions that Phil Zen proposes for greening up your space. The number of plants required to purify the air in your home is debatable. But their positive effects on our general mental state are notable, improving mood and concentration as a result. Did you know that plants also help to reduce background noise levels? They can be used as natural sound damping solutions and partitions
Natural light brings many benefits to any space. These include reduced headaches and eye fatigue from poor lighting, exposure to Vitamin D, and the improvement of one’s mood. Placing desks near a window that receives an abundance of light and that looks onto a green patch is therefore ideal. What to do when this is not an option? The strategic placement of artificial lighting that mimics natural lighting is paramount. Effective daylight lamps have been found to provide the benefits of natural daylight, such as mood enhancement and healthier circadian rhythms, especially during shorter winter days.
PhilZen Biophilic interior plants colors natural light nature
“Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions” - Pablo Picasso.Like with lighting, certain vibrant colors that are not too bright or irritating, have been known to have a positive impact on our emotions, mood and performance. Nature-patterned wallpapers, vibrant wall colors, and accent decors are recommended features for creating energizing and motivating workspaces.
Materials such as wood and other organic components are a great way to bring the outdoors inside. Did you know that human skin receptors can distinguish between what is natural and what is synthetic? Try opting for minimally processed natural materials over synthetic variations. The same applies to plants, where decorating your workspace with artificial ones might look pretty, but would have less of a positive impact than real plants.
Ever sat in a mundane waiting room at your doctor’s office, where walls, floors and furniture seem dull and lifeless, and each minute in there feels like an eternity? Now think of that beautiful waiting room with carefully selected furniture harmoniously coexisting with the colours and textures of the walls, floors, works of art… Where natural forms and patterns create a more visually pleasing and appealing environment. That’s more like it! Never underestimate the power of natural forms and patterns paired with the right lighting and plant selection.
We need it, we breathe it. But how we actually feel it makes a difference. A gentle breeze and good ventilation increase our sense of wellness in any given space. They make the space feel clean, fresh, and comfortable. Remember to ventilate your workspace, open windows for a while, clean your air-conditioning filters, and keep your space free of excessive dust. When you need a break, pop outdoors for a walk and breathe in some fresh air. Your concentration and performance are bound to be rewarded(3).


      Take the driver seat to your wellness by PhilZen

      Take the driver's seat to boost your wellness & productivity!

      Our mission at Phil Zen is to assist you in reaching an optimal level of comfort, functionality, and harmony within your home-office environment. An essential part of this process, and one that we are very passionate about, is introducing these benefits of interior biophilic design.


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