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5 Top Things For An Efficient Ergonomic Workplace

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Have you been working on whatever is available in your office, or for the past few year, in your home? The result? You may have experienced a drop of energy and focus, increased discomfort, or even pain? How about changing the trend and increasing your wellness, productivity, and creativity? Yes, you can. It’s time to set you up like a pro with an ergonomic desk station that supports you best.  

Over years of testing various home-office furniture and gears, we’ve come up with a list of essentials that will boost your productivity and wellbeing.

But first… what is ergonomics? In the workplace, it comes down to fitting the workstation to the user’s needs. When pain and discomfort arise, it is because the fitting is not correct.

Now, here are 5 office ergonomic items you’ll need to get started:  

1. Rise for Your Desk

An ideal desk should be set at the proper height when you’re using your keyboard. When you’re typing, your arms and wrists should be placed parallel to the floor and angled down towards your lap to avoid muscle strain. 

Since office tasks also include reading, using a mouse, and viewing the screen, setting up that one perfect ergonomic desk is quite tricky. Your best bet is to go for an adjustable-height desk so you can easily lower or raise the desk when switching tasks or moving from a sitting to a standing position as you introduce movement.

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Ergonomic desk station
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2. An Ergonomic Chair That Suits You 

Since you’re spending most of your work hours on a chair, it’s worth investing in an active one. Active sitting has multiple benefits. First, it promotes the strengthening of core muscles, reducing the possibility of developing back pain.

Second, frequent movement causes muscle contraction, which increases blood flow, and results in better oxygenation. Altogether, it is a great way to energize both body and mind as you work from your home or office.

Check out our2024 Active chair guide for more details. 

3. An External Keyboard and Mouse

When typing, the most comfortable position is when your hands are apart, shoulder-width apart, which puts less stress on your shoulders. However, it’s impossible to achieve this when working on a laptop with your shoulders hunched and hands forced inward.

The best solution? Find an external keyboard! Although it would have been good to get a fully split one, you’ll have to go through a learning curve since most of us are used to typing in regular keyboards. You can opt for a partially split keyboard, one that has no number pad and where keys are flat and low.

Repetitive motions on a laptop’s touchpad often cause stress in your fingers and wrists. Therefore, it’s advisable to get a mouse that you’re comfortable gripping and easy for you to maneuver. You can also get a stylus or a trackball as both input devices offer relief from pain and fatigue in your wrists.

6 top things to consider for an ergonomic workplace
monitor arm

4. Why a Monitor Arm?

You wouldn’t want to constantly crane or bend your neck to view your monitor or laptop screen. Raising your monitor to new heights is a significant step towards a healthier posture that you can take.

We highly suggest having a display set at your eye level, 2-3 inches below the top of your screen. Also, keep at least an arm’s length away from your monitor to protect your eyes from strain and fatigue. 

Models like the EVO Monitor Arm offer easy installation and handle for a flexible workstation.

5. A Task Lamp to Light it up

Light has an immense influence on your wellbeing. Your mood and activities change throughout the day, and therefore a proper light solution that will adapt to your needs drastically improves your experience. A proper performance task light will also help with your productivity and reduce eye strain.

From your morning coffee throughout your busy day, and finally, for a cozy evening atmosphere, adapt your light source to your rhythm. 

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Getting yourself a proper setting should not be considered a cost but an investment in your health and wellbeing. The key to achieving a perfect ergonomic workstation is to set up everything according to your anatomy for optimal comfort.  

So make it a point to play around with your set-up by adjusting your chair, lowering, or raising your monitor and desk to find your fit. But, most importantly, introduce movement throughout your day. Movement helps combat muscle strains and fatigue and also keeps you energized and focused. And bear in mind: an office space should feel peaceful, not cluttered!

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