Move Stool

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+ Body support for continuous movement while sitting or half-standing, boosting your metabolism, productivity & overall wellbeing. Ideal for standing desks.

+ On an angled sitting position your posture is naturally better, reducing the pressure on your lower back and hips for a healthier metabolism 

+ The premium padding & upholstery for stability & comfort through hours of seating

+ Integrated rubber pad for smooth contact on hard surfaces

+ Environmentally friendly, built to last, using non-toxic chemicals, the chair is 100% recyclable. Take part in a journey towards a sustainable future 

+ Built to last with a 3-year warranty 


Move is a classic. It was designed in the 80s and has since set the status quo for nonconventional sitting. Move is an ideal work chair and complements any height adjustable desk. The NEAT certification conducted by Mayo Clinic concludes Varier Move, on average, will increase calorie burn 18% above the baseline. Move comes in various colors and sizes. Choose yours.

• Seat: Move: Ø 17". Move Small: Ø 14"

• Base Move: Ø15.7"  ( with pre-installed rubber mat)

• Weight: 15lbs

• Various gas lift options are available: small if you're under 5ft, medium  if you're between 5-5.6ft or high if you're above 5.6ft:

Varier Move height options & specifications

• Download the Move Stool fact sheet


Upholstery Curated Amongst The Best

Due to current supply chain disruptions and increased prices, Varier is not offering customization options in North America until further notice.

Computer monitors are not all calibrated equally and color reproduction on the Internet is not precise. It is therefore not possible to guarantee our online colors will portray exactly the color of the actual product. However, we give you as many high-quality pictures as possible to give you the closest to reality rendering. We recommend you look at our products from different devices.

See further details on Varier 2022 Upholstery.  


We are updating stock and lead times at least twice a week from the official North American Varier warehouse to make sure you get the most accurate information. 

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Crafted in Europe at Varier's factory, your custom made chair is delivered to you in about 3 to 4 month (Official Varier US Lead Times)

Upon arrival in the US, your chair ships per UPS or FEDEX ground transport for which you will receive detailed tracking information. 

Varier accepts the right to withdrawal only within 24 hours after you completed your order. 


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In case your chair gets damaged during transport, we will make sure to replace what needs to be replaced. We have a very reactive and efficient team at our warehouse in Colorado that will take care of your situation in just a couple of days. Contact if you have any questions/situations.

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