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The AEVA Indoor Garden


+ Less maintenance & set up in three easy steps; requires no special gardening skills

+ Grow 16 plants at once without worrying about water supply. The smart system will do it for you

+ Built-in LED grow lights to make sure plants are getting enough natural light even while indoor

+ Now available in 5 cabinet color options so you can mix & match with your interior design!

+ Includes all the supplies you need to grow worth $1200 of produce to pay back your investment

+ Green Business Certified, growth guarantee or we send new ones for free!




How about you watch your own healthy food grow from your workspace and reduce your grocery bill AND environmental footprint?!

The AEVA indoor garden. A statement piece of sustainable green furniture that grows herbs, vegetables, and flowers indoors year-round for your entire household. 

The AEVA is the latest innovative, stylish, smart & easy hydroponic garden system using no soil, no pesticides, creates zero environmental run-offs, eliminates all the plastic packaging used for produce, and grows using 95% less water than in traditional agriculture.

Grow many different plants, harvest your greens monthly with minimal effort all year round, and have fun doing it! Our App makes it super easy to care for your plants.

Improve your health and the quality of food that you eat by growing your own produce indoors. Invest in your health with the AEVA vertical garden. Check out also the smaller version of the EVE.

What's included

Starter Kits worth $1200

We include enough seed for you to grow more produce.




  • 16 x Green Butter Lettuce

  • 16 x Red Butter Lettuce

  • 8 x Mustard Greens

  • 8 x Pak Choi

  • 12 x Basil

  • 8 x Peppermint

  • 8 x Chives

  • 8 x Dill


Also includes:

• 1x 12L BPA-free water reservoir

• 1x Power bar with CGFI attachment

• 2x Timers for lights and irrigation

• 1x Submersible pump

• 1x LED lights and lighting automation system

• 1x Wall Anchors

• 1x Just Vertical Starter Kit


• Plant capacity 16 plant holes

• Water reservoir capacity 12 L

• Electrical requirements A standard 120-volt, 3-prong electrical outlet.

• Power consumption 95W/month 

• Cable length 4 feet (1.22m)

• Type of lights Full spectrum LED lights are covered by a 2-year warranty but should last 4-5 years.

They can be purchased at a local hardware store. Multiple LED light brands would fit the frame. 

• Material Solid wood frame Chrome legs

• 2-year warranty on all product parts

• Dimensions: 71.2" H, 37" W, 9.5" D, 70 lbs 

For more details, download the AEVA User Manual GuideVisual Guide, and User Maintenance Guide

Video Guide



About Just Vertical

Empowered by science and a mission to make our world a better place, Just Vertical is more than just a local food movement. With cities and communities growing so quickly globally, co-founders Kevin and Conner were inspired to find a sustainable solution to feed and save our planet. Together, they created a system that rapidly produces fresh food and preserves the earth's resources, all from the comfort of your own home.


What can I grow?

You can grow anything from leafy greens and herbs to strawberries and flowering plants. Unfortunately, growing root vegetables or trees are not compatible with vertical farming. 

How much food can I grow?

You can expect 2-6 lbs of food per month after the first couple of months of growth. That equals approximately 20 servings of fresh produce each month. This is enough for more than one serving every two days!

What are the dimensions of the AEVA?

The AEVA is 5 feet and 10 inches tall (1.77 m), 3 feet wide (0.915 m), and 9 inches deep (0.2 m).

just vertical Aeva vs Eve

What is the difference between AEVA and EVE?

The EVE has the same functionality as the AEVA but is smaller. It is designed to fit in the tiniest of spaces without compromising the quality and efficiency of this vertical garden. In the EVE, the main difference is that the plants are closer to the lights, the lights are dimmable, fruiting plants cannot be grown to maturity, and it is smaller than the AEVA. EVE has 12 pods versus 16 on AEVA.

The EVE is 57 inches tall (145 cm), 18 inches wide (46 cm), and 8.25 inches deep (21 cm).

How do you set up the AEVA?

To set up the AEVA, place it near an electrical outlet, plug it in, plant the seed pods that come within your Starter Kit, fill in the water reservoir, and watch your plants grow! For a detailed step-by-step guide, you can also download our User Guide.

What kind of electrical outlet do I need?

A standard 120-volt, 3-prong electrical outlet.

How much light is needed?

Grow lights are included in the cabinets and are specially designed for plant health. For our starter kit, 18 hours of light is ideal. Simply set your light timer to when you want your lights turned on and off. Bear in mind the light is quite bright, and if the unit is in your living space, you may run it for less than 18 hours a day. 

How much electricity does it use?

The AEVA uses $4.8USD of electricity per month depending on your State (Note: This is using our 48 Watt LED lights).

Where can I put the AEVA?

You can put the AEVA anywhere indoors! We recommend placing it somewhere it can stand out and is easy to access. Bear in mind the light is quite bright, and if the unit is in your living space, you may run the lights less than 18 hours a day which will affect your production. Be sure to have a standard 110-120 V electrical outlet nearby and somewhere with neutral light and room temperature (18°-25°C).

Do I need soil?

No soil is needed; the AEVA uses grow plugs made from peat moss, an important component that releases moisture to plants as needed.

What is hydroponics?

By definition, hydroponics means "working with water." It is the method of growing plants indoors and outdoors without soil, using mineral nutrient solutions in a water solvent.

How long does the light stay on?

Depending on what you are growing, the ideal light range is between 12-18 hours per day.

The AEVA will be in an open space. What about pesticides?

Growing with the AEVA means you are growing non-GMO and pesticide-free produce.

How many plants can I plant at the same time?

You can grow 16 plants at a time on the AEVA, 8 per tower. Unlike other indoor gardens, the AEVA is designed for you to grow large plants. We recommend planting either flowering produce (tomatoes, berries...) or leafy greens for better efficiency. You can grow both simultaneously, but the production efficiency would be affected as the two varieties require different nutrients. 

Is there monthly maintenance?

Yes, but it is pretty simple. Check out the video

Is there a full user manual?

Yes! Download our User Guide

How much water does the AEVA need?

The AEVA has its own self-contained 2L water reservoir. Simply refill the water reservoir every 2 weeks. Our App is built to notify you when the water reservoir is running low.

What wood is used in the unit?

Birch and pine are what make up the AEVA. 

Can I use Aqua Vega or Aqua Flora with both flowering and non-flowering plants?

You can use one or the other for both plants, but it should be noted that flowering plants will do better with Aqua Flora, and non-flowering plants will do better with Aqua Vega.  We recommend planting either flowering produce (tomatoes, berries...) or leafy greens for better efficiency. You can grow both simultaneously, but the production efficiency would be affected as the two varieties require different nutrients. In case you grow both at the same time, you need to use Aqua Flores. 

How long will seed pods last if I don't use them right away?

As long as the seeds are stored appropriately (cool, dry, and dark environment) and the peat moss plugs are kept dry, they can last a few months.

How do I give seeds the best chance to germinate?

Run warm water over seeds before placing the seeds in the grow plug and spray the germination domes with warm water every day until germination. Use the germination kit provided for a higher success rate. 

If I order seeds, do the plugs come with them?

For every 1 seed order, you will receive a glow plug.

Can I change the seeds included in the starter pack?

Unfortunately, the Starter Pack for the AEVA is a set package that comes with 4 seed pods of kale, 4 seed pods of Arugula, 4 seed pods of Lettuce, and 4 seed pods Basil.

Can I use my own nutrients and seeds?

You can, of course, use your own nutrients; however, you have to make sure they are mineral. Non-mineral nutrients or organic nutrients may not be 100% liquid and may clog your system. We won't be able to offer any warranty in this case.

You can also use your own seeds, but we won't be able to guarantee germination.

What kind of warranty do you offer?

Within the first two years, if any of the moving parts (lights, pump, timers, etc.) do not work or breakthrough no fault of your own, we will send you a free replacement. If your unit is not affixed to the wall and it falls and breaks, you will be charged for any parts we need to replace



Ships within 2 weeks. You should receive your order within 10 business days after shipment is processed as we ship with the freight carrier. You receive the tracking information once your item ships. 

Shipping Cleanliness

- When packaging our products, only one of the members of our team is in interaction with the AEVA to minimize risk, and we ensure to thoroughly wash our hands and wear protective gear when preparing your order.

In response to the pandemic, our partner shipping carriers are carefully following the CDC and WHO guidelines by restricting visitor access to facilities, implementing individual hygiene guidelines for all employees, and sanitizing all company trucks at the start of each shift.


The AEVA will be delivered to you by our specialty furniture carrier partners to ensure damage-free deliveries with Deliveright from our North Carolina warehouse.


At Just Vertical, we are fully confident in our products and our customer's satisfaction with them. However, we understand circumstances change. If for any reason, you are unsatisfied with the product or do not want to go through with your order, we're here to help!

For all customers, returns will be accepted for all orders within 14 days of receiving your unit. For a full refund minus shipping and a 15% restocking fee. For redirection of packages for PayBright-financed orders, the request must be approved by PayBright's anti-fraud team.

We do not accept any refunds on any seeds, grow plugs, nutrients, or any other accessories.

Please note the following exceptions to our return and exchange policy:

● Refunds are only issued once the unit is returned to our facility and after a quality control test is performed.

● Returned items must not have been physically damaged or have any visible signs of wear and tear.

● Returned items must not have been tampered with, manipulated, or altered in any way. The return must include all original items and equipment that originally came with the unit.

Note: If set-up, maintenance, and proper growing procedures are not followed as per the user manuals and guides, your return may be refused.

To initiate a return, please complete the following steps:

1. Contact with the subject line titled Return, Name, and Order number.

2. State the products you wish to return from your order.

3. Attach any pictures which may be useful.


Once the return has been processed:

● Once the unit arrives in Just Vertical’s possession and has been approved for a refund, it will take 10-15 business days to process your refund.

● As long as the unit comes back with inappropriate working conditions, a refund will be processed.

● For any questions, comments, and concerns before, during, or after a processed return, contact us at