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G-Desk Moss Acoustic Panels


+ Free-standing double-sided acoustic made of powder-coated aluminum.

+ Adds natural green with visual appeal to your space for increased well-being and reduced stress

+ Biophilic design reduces stress, improves cognitive function, and enhances mood and creativity. These and other outcomes can increase health and wellbeing, as well as productivity

+ Designed by internationally awarded and recognized designer Alain Gilles

• With no maintenance required, preserved moss keeps its natural form, color & texture for up to 10 years for Reindeer, five years for Ball moss and forest, but only if used in optimal conditions

+ Proven sound-absorbing benefits

+ Hand-picked in Europe and handmade made with natural products and no added chemicals

+ Non-toxic, Non-allergen

+ Available in multiple finishes and moss filling options

+ Certified commercial grade quality

+ Reindeer moss and premium Ball moss is fire-rated FSI 0 / SDI 15 (class A).


Add natural interest to your workspace with the free-standing G-Desk divider. It provides acoustic absorbance together with the aesthetic qualities of the natural world, including reducing stress and promoting wellbeing.

• G-Desk Small L=40in 3⁄4" / H=13in 3/4" / W=6in / Weight:20lbs

• G-Desk Medium L=60in 1⁄2" / H=13in 3/4" / W=6in / Weight:30lbs

• G-Desk Large D=80in / H=13in 3/4" / W=6in / Weight:40lbs

A 100% Natural Preservation Process

Vegetal preservation is a unique and ecological process. The preservation treatment is completed without the addition of any dangerous toxins, chemicals or components.

Here’s how:

Moss sound absorbing properties Phil Zen

• The plant is handpicked at the ideal moment in terms of aesthetic appearance in a sustainable way that preserves the forest.

• This freshly harvested plant enters a proprietary process to absorb a specific mixture of 100% plant-based and bio-degradable preservation formula.

• The preservation liquid replaces the sap and water within the plant, effectively forming a still-image of nature, creating a unique and fully natural product.

• The preserved foliage or mosses remain beautiful and unchanged for years without the need for watering, sunlight, or any other form of maintenance.

Sound Absorption

Our products are specifically designed to absorb sound, the natural way. They are all made using preserved mosses, with acoustic benefits at the forefront of their creation. Sound absorbing qualities have been analyzed for us by a certified laboratory providing us with detailed reports showing the undeniable sound-reducing qualities of the preserved natural moss.

Life span & conditions of use

Preserved moss keeps its natural form, color & texture for up to 10 years for Reindeer, 5 years for Ball moss and forest, but only if used in optimal conditions, which are:

• Indoor use only

• Limited direct sunlight exposure (it can handle it, but life span will not be optimal)

• Avoid touching, folding, crushing, etc.

• Relative humidity in the room between 20% and 80%

• Avoid proximity to water sources & heat sources

Color Rendering

Computer monitors are not all calibrated equally, and color reproduction on the Internet is not precise. Since it is not possible to guarantee our online colors will look the same on all computers, we do not guarantee that what you see accurately portrays the color of the actual moss. Moss is also a natural product and won't look exactly the same every time. However we give you as many high quality pictures as possible to give you the closest rendering.


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