Direction Desk

Electric Corner Desk


+Sturdy commercial-grade with sleek design promoting productive, healthy, and creative ergonomic lifestyle

+ Easy to use control pad and anti-collision safety mechanism

+3-leg solid steel frame using 2 motors for smooth, silent and stable operation. Includes


Don’t sacrifice space to have a healthy workstation! Our Direction Electric Corner Desks have a unique 3 leg desk frame that can accommodate almost any user.  With industry-leading height adjustability ranging from 24″ to 50.5″, anti-collision safety mechanism, 330-pound weight load capacity, presets, & LED readout… what more could you ask for in a corner electric desk that promotes a healthy lifestyle? With a variety of different base colors and top colors to choose from, this electric stand-up desk is perfect for your home office or corporate work environment!t.


  • Top Style: Bamboo Laminate, Walnut, White Paulownia

  • Frame Color: Black, Silver, White

  • Sizes:  48x48x24, 60x48x24, 60x60x24

Lifting Column Specifications:
  • Height adjustability from 24 -50.5"

  • Square Profile: 3 × 3″

  • Material: Metal

  • Finish: Powder coated

  • Speed: 36mm/s

  • Voltage: DC20V

  • Loading/moving capacity: 220lbs

Feet Specifications:

  • W 3" x D 23" 

  • Material: Metal

  • Finish: Powder coated

Frame Specifications:

  • Width adjustable from 43-61″ x 16" D

  • Distance between support brackets: 6.2″

  • Material and Finish: Same as above

Top Specifications:
  • Material: (MDF board+laminate)

  • Thickness

  • Width/Depth: customizable


Cable Tray

If Direction Desk’s cable sleeve included with every desk purchase is not enough for cable management, look no further than our Cable Tray to get you and your cables organized.


  • Color: Black or White

  • Measurements: L 30" L x W 4"



File Cabinet

Designed to tuck under the lowest ranges of height-adjustable work surfaces. The cabinet contains a standard box/file configuration to accommodate most business paperwork/uses. 


  • Color: Black, White, Silver

  • Top Drawer Dimensions: 17.5″ L x 6.5″ W x 3.25″ H

  • Bottom Drawer Dimensions: 17.5″ L x 6.5″ W x 10″ H

  • A standard box/file configuration

  • The box drawer has an optional utensil tray

  • The box drawer has 3/4 extension slides

  • The file drawer has full extension slides

  • The file drawer accepts letter or legal sizes

  • The unit locking mechanism is included

Monitor Arm

Direction Monitor Mount Arms seamlessly transform your workstations into integrated work centers for laptops, external data sources, displays, network connections, and peripherals. The pneumatic spring makes the ergonomic adjustment of your monitors effortless. The Direction E-base conveniently supports data transfers, mobile device charging, and video conferencing all with a sleek feel and look!


  • Functions: Single or Dual


Shipping & Returns

The Direction Desk standard desk ships in 3 separate packages (2 boxes for the frame and 1 for the top). They all ship out on the same day and will ship within 2 days of your order. Standard transit times are 3-5 days. 

All of Direction Desk’s products come with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and a hassle-free return process. If the desk is not meeting your expectations, simply reach out to us at

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