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Airline Trolley


Give your space a twist with this timeless classic that combines durability with compact functional design

The proposed home office setup features a pencil tray, drawers, and shelves to keep you organized 

German-engineered & crafted made of rust-free aluminum 

Airline tested & approved, Good Design Award recipient


Bordbar has been manufacturing furniture of the highest quality with timeless and unique aviation-inspired designs since 2006. The airplane trolley is transformed into a smart compact and timeless piece of furniture. Original features, such as the trolley dimensions, mobility, & modularity remain unchanged while its purpose is expanded.


A Bordbar Classic Edition

The brand-new airplane trolley is a handcrafted piece of furniture. We laminate the surfaces with your desired design prior to assembly in order to remain true to Bordbar quality standards. You have the choice between our two exclusive Bordbar designs created just for you. In order to maintain our high standards of quality, we passionately manufacture what we love in Cologne. Real craftsmanship, “Made in Germany”.

Rivet roker airline trolley by Bordbad & PhilZen


  • Available in black or white color

  • Overall Dimensions: 40.5"h x 11.8"w x 15.9"d

  • Cover plate in felt, light grey finishes

  • Material: silver anodized aluminum profiles, 4C printed laminate, glued under profile

  • Airplane Trolley: ATLAS-Norm, no flight experience

  • Empty weight: 28.6 lbs.

  • 1-year warranty

  • Door: Lockable, opens 270°magnetically fixable

  • Door hinge: Left (cannot be changed)

  • Castors: Smooth-running double castors with central brake made by Tente

Classic Door Storage Spaces Dimensions:
  • 10.7"l x 14.9"w x 1.9"h - 2x small drawer

  • 10.8"l x 14.9"w x 4.1"h - 6x aluminum drawer

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Shipping & Returns

Bordbar products are made in Germany, ship via UPS. Each and every one of Bordbar trolleys is unique as it is individually configured by customers. It ships within a week from Germany and takes about one week to arrive with UPS.

No returns accepted these custom orders 


Bordbar offers one-year limited warranty. 

Freight Claims

Freight Claims must be filed within 2 calendar days from the date of delivery. Pictures of damaged goods and the original cartons are required and must accompany the claim.

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