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WoodBeQuiet Tile


+ Feel the warmth and beauty of wood, yet quiet. Grain pattern wood design that is calming to the eye, contributes sound reverberation that's pleasant to the human ear

+ This Good Design award winner FilaSorb features high-resolution prints, which help you connects to your inner being, inherent desire to connect with nature — guilt-free as you come to experience an acoustic feeling 

+ Environmental-friendly, 100% recyclable, breathable with excellent resistance to fire. Easy to install on your wall or ceilings, plus it was 5 colorways to choose from

+ Highly customizable. In Acoufelt we are here to help you decide what best suits your interior design, then create it for you 

+ Certified LCB Red List Free, free from phenol and formaldehyde, low VOC, CDPH compliance, aligns with Building standards


WoodBeQuiet™ is the synchronization of visual beauty, superior sound absorption, and environmental sensitivity. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Three become complete in one; past, present, and future aligned.



  • Surface: Desktop

  • Composition: 100% Polyester

  • Material: QuietPrint™, FilaSorb™, & WoodBeQuiet™

  • Recycled Content: 60% minimum

  • NRC Rating: .45 minimum

  • Thickness: 1/2″ (12mm)

  • Dimensions: 8″ Width x 39″ Length. 

  • Quantity: 15 pieces per box. Covers 32.29 sq.ft

  • Fire Tests: AS ISO 9705: 2003 Group 1, ASTM E84-17a Class A, ISO 9705: 1993 Group 1

For further details, download the WoodBeQuiet Wall Solution Brochure, Specification sheetsCare Guide Instructions, or the Installation Guide.

Finish Color

  • Picket Fence brochure click here.

  • Boat Shed brochure click here.

  • Wine Barrel brochure click here.

  • Log Cabin brochure click here.

  • Barn Door brochure click here.


Climate change, deforestation, and plastic pollution are the biggest environmental problems facing humanity today, making it more important than ever to design with intent. According to Euromonitor, over one million plastic bottles are brought into the world every minute. WoodBeQuiet™ is made from recycled PET material, such as plastic bottles, which would otherwise end up in our waterways to a devastating effect. Acoufelt helps designers, architects, and owners meet their clean building goals by testing all of our products against internationally recognized environmental and human safety standards to protect their employees, our customers, and future generations. Read more about our sustainability work here.

Shipping & Returns

Shipments determined by color selection, lead times are as follow;

  • Platinum, Grey, Charcoal - 2 weeks
  • All other colors, WoodBeQuiet colors - 4 to 6 weeks

Return Policy

Acoufelt accepts 30 days return, customer has to pay for the original shipping and return shipping + 25% restocking fee

Contact us with any questions. 


Acoufelt provides a limited warranty. 

DISCLAIMER: Acoufelt strives to fulfill the needs of its customers by producing the highest quality felt products. However, due to the fine, fibrous and textural nature of the product, slight visual imperfections may be seen when viewing the product from less than 1 to 1.5 meters. These slight visual imperfections however are within normal industry manufacturing tolerances.

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Freight Claims

Freight Claims must be filed within 2 calendar days from the date of delivery. Pictures of damaged goods and the original cartons are required and must accompany the claim.