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The Air Chair - Solar Series


Change your sitting habits and get a more active versatile and premium air ball chair, at your desk, in your living room, your gym, or anywhere you like. Ideal for microbreaks and stretching while working 

Active sitting stimulates your blood flow, increases oxygenation, and helps with higher energy level and focus while building your core muscles

Created with high-resolution satellite imagery captured from the latest NASA space missions. These are must-have seats for science lovers, space geeks, aspiring astronomers, and future Martians

Much more than a simple air ball, the unique multi-layered laminate construction ensures the  distribution of your sitting load evenly and that the sitting surface remains at your body temperature for higher comfort

Barrow upholstery textiles are cutting edge, durable, premium & easy to clean ensuring your Air Chair will remain a real piece of furniture that blends into your home for years to come. Low toxicity & safe for kids age 3 yrs old & up


The Venn Design Solar Series is proudly made in collaboration with NASA. Celestial bodies to help you move your body. The force and direction of gravity is our guiding principle of ergonomics at Venn. Because gravity always pulls us down, we must have an equal and opposite force inside us! We call this the lifting forceVenn Air Chair is designed to encourage greater lifting strength and skill by aligning your body with gravity. Even while kneeling or in a deep squat seated on a Venn sitting cushion you must learn how to be lifting inside your body! When you build your internal lifting skill and strength, your vitality and focus increase. Did you know you can lift through the tops of your feet while kneeling too?

To avoid sedentarism, we espouse there is no one correct way to sit, squat, crouch, move, stand, walk, or run. So do them all! Dance, bounce, and keep your blood flowing and your joints mobile. Ditch your shoes. Change up your leg positions. Balance. Engage in regular varied movement and you’ll perform at your best.

Home Office Set-up & Tips by Seth Hosmer


  • Ships in a flat box, air pump &s cushions included

  • Requires additional air every 1-2 months (approximately 10-15 pumps)

  • User weight maximum of 300 lbs.

  • Weight: 7 lbs. (3.2 kg) 


  • Large – 25.5inch (65cm) diameter “Task chair” recommended for people 5’1 and taller for upright sitting at standard desk height

  • Small – 12.6inch (55cm) diameter “Lounge chair” recommended for people 5’1 and shorter or as a coffee table seat. Great for kids!


  • Temperature balancing high-density foam felt, and upholstery grade fabrics encompass the air cushion ensuring a seat that matches your body temperature

  • Multi-layered stressed skin composite construction distributes sitting loads evenly

  • Zipper cover hides slider hardware while in use

  • Upholstery fabrics withstand years of use


  • Fischer upholstery textiles with sublimated artwork

  • Eco-felt, ripstop nylon, and high-density upholstery foam

  • YKK zippers and sliders

  • Latex-free air cushion with included hand-pump and plugs

For more details, see The Air Chair Assembly Instructions


Shipping & Returns

Expect production to take approximately 1 week. You will receive your tracking number as soon as it gets shipped.

If your product(s) do not work out for you for any reason, Venn Design is happy to assist with a return.  Venn Design stands behind its products and accepts returns for defective merchandise for 5 years. Also, accept free returns on new items for 30 days from the date of purchase to make sure you get the size and color you are looking for.