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Carry On


+ The compact & playful design of the Carry On makes it the perfect sitting companion for a versatile home. 

+ The lightweight and handle make the Carry On extremely portable. Simply slip the handle to the side when it’s time to sit.

+ Available in a variety of colors, it adds an edge & positivity to your interior. 

+ Commercial Grade and premium quality, EPD registered and sustainable, backed by Eco-label performance



Carry On is a portable seating solution that works perfectly by itself and complements other products regardless of the environment may it be in the workplace or home office set-up. Not just a typical stool but has distinguished features among other portable chairs,  because it's flexible and handy. Thus, it also signals to the user how it should be used by the handle on top.

About the Designer

Mattias Stenberg, born in 1975, is a Swedish designer with a degree from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. In 2010 he founded his studio Vision A&D that focuses on contemporary architecture and design.

Stenberg’s design philosophy stands on three pillars: clarity in concept, form, and material. Stenberg’s architectural work affects the way he works with furniture and lighting, and he describes his furniture as “mini architecture.”


Era, made by Camira, is a two-toned polyester fabric available in a broadened palette of numerous shades. Balanced with the addition of ‘in between’ shades, consciously working in pairings to bring fresh combinations, to meet the brighter end of the versatile palette, with delicate tones and gentle options as alternatives. Designed by Penny Lovatt and recolored by Morwenna Fallows

Fabric Durability

Made from 100% polyester meaning they don't tear or pill easily as soft cotton does, the seating contains stretch in both directions, is washable, designed for task seating, passed the cigarette & match test, and is guaranteed to last for 10 years.

Fabric Sustainability

OEKO-TEX® certified. Camira fabrics are tested & certified, free of harmful chemicals & are safe for human use.



  • Seat Height: D 17.72 - 19.29" x H 17.72 - 22.05"
  • Handle Type: Laminated Wood or Leather
  • Cover Upholstery Material: Fabric or Leather
  • Standard Leather: Elmo Soft (with piquet on top)
  • Frame: Wood with cold foam
  • Available in: Felt or ABS glides
  • Casted Fitting: Zinc
  • Weight: 5.9 kg
  • Test standard: EN 16139:2013, EN 1022:2005 Report-No: 593847-2.

    For further details, download the Carry On BrochureSound Absorption, Absorption Area, and the Cleaning Instructions.



    Material Declaration

    • Armrest; Wood 0.2 kg
    • Seat frame; Wood 2.4 kg
    • Textile 0.5 kg
    • Foam 1.7 kg
    • Others 1.1 kg

    Shipping Details

    The stool is assembled in Toronto & will be shipped in 4-6 weeks. Once your payment is confirmed, a confirmation email and tracking number will be sent right after the shipment.

    Care Instruction


    Dust regularly with a slightly damp, soft, lint-free cloth. Wipe dry with a dry, soft cloth. Spills should be immediately wiped up with a slightly damp cloth. If necessary, a mild hand dishwashing detergent can be used on the damp cloth. The handle should not be exposed to solvents, alcohol or the like that can cause burns or discoloration. Also, do not use cleaning agents or utensils that scratch the surface.

    Leather Handing

    The leather in this product is vegetable-tanned ” chrome-free” leather from Tärnsjö. For thousands of years, man has tanned leather with tannic acid from vegetable sources, such as oak bark. We still use this environmentally safe method. Leather that does not produce allergies. A leather with finer surface and which ages beautifully and naturally. Swedish manufacture.

    Leather care

    With proper care and maintenance, vegetable-tanned leather will age naturally, develop a beautiful patina, and last for generations. When exposed to sunlight vegetable-tanned leather will change the tone of color. Warm and dry air will dry out the leather if it is not regularly treated.


    We recommend Leather Master Protection Cream to protect the leather. When producing furniture or interior details we recommend treating the leather with Protection Cream before starting to use the products.

    When needed, use very small amounts of leather oil and grease. The leather can change look and hand-feel and get a darker color tone from these products. We recommend Tiptop, a natural wax from beeswax, lanolin oil, and coconut fat.


    When cleaning the leather we recommend Leather Master Soft Cleaner or very mild leather soap. Some chemicals and cleaning detergents can affect the surface of the leather and make it duller. Always test a product on a smaller area of the leather before applying it to the whole side.

    The handle should not be exposed to solvent or alcohol since all our leather is treated with water-based products, alcohol will dissolve these. It is also a risk that the leather is dried out and destroyed. Read more about Cleaning Instruction here.