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ØS1 Smart Table Lamp


+ Small yet powerful, save space on your desk & add a joyful source to light up your mood & productivity

+ Adapt light color & direction to your needs throughout your day, from cozy ambient to productive task light

+ Latest light innovation & user interface in a beautiful, elegant design

+ Features dimmer, color change & directional lighting

+ Conveniently control all your light's settings with the mobile app or the easy to use node, which stores up to 8 fixed settings

+ Max 9 Watt consumption (40W incandescent equivalent)

+ High-end components & craft from Europe

+ Proprietary software getting updated on your device when needed

+ 2 years warranty

+ Quick free shipping & best price guarantee

+ Easy return


Nordic design tradition with cutting edge technology

Light has an immense influence on your well-being. Your mood and activities change throughout the day, and therefore, the light should follow. ØS1 creates the light that you need when you need it - whether it be functional or mood lighting.

The ØS1 from Shadelights adjusts the light intensity, temperature, direction, and color and thereby creates personalized settings that are adapted to your individual needs in relation to how the natural light changes during the day. Ideal for creating a cozy atmosphere anywhere in your home, small but with character, and create new playful life sources in your home. Push the boundaries of how you experience light and increase your wellbeing. 

Better Light Better Living

If we invest ourselves and give the lighting in our homes the right attention, making sure it is fulfilling our needs, it will give you so much everyday joy and quality in return. In the morning, while enjoying your first cup of coffee, you want a warm and gentle light for waking up. When you sit down to do your paperwork in the evening, you need a bit brighter and cooler light to focus properly. You need a clear light to present the food you have cooked for friends and family, but still soft enough to set a cozy atmosphere. When you’re ready to go to bed, you want that soft and warm light again to calm down your body and mind.


Light is not only light. It is filled with variations, shadows, and colors that give us energy and tranquillity. But to really experience it, we need to be aware and look at the light in a completely different way and grasp the opportunities it gives us.

In a strong association of knowledge about the possibilities and significance of light, the ØS1 gives you a light based on the life-giving light. ØS1 is based on the basic philosophy of creating light that gives you the light you need. It’s about using the opportunities and utilizing the knowledge about the light needed to create a light that creates a good framework for you.

That is precisely why your way of using the light, your understanding of light, and the spaces you create with the light are essential to your well-being. In other words, you need a light that is more than just light. It must be a light that gives you the opportunity to create the variations, thus giving you the opportunity for the good life where light meets your needs at all times of the day - award-winning Danish designer Øivind Slaatto.


• Dimensions Module: W 130mm / H 43mm; Base: 34mm; Cord length: 2000mm

• Bluetooth Mesh technology for a very easy setup and use

• High-end components: Polycarbonate specially formulated for diffusion properties. Surface treated, polished brass that maximizes heat output

• Proprietary software getting updated on your device when needed

• Accessibility: Proprietary App Better light app, IOS, and Android or via the included Shade Node

• High-quality white adjustable top and bottom LEDs delivering adjustable 2700 to 5600 Kelvin.

• 10 to 15 years lifetime

• Full RGB spectrum high-quality white LEDs.

• Light Quality - Light intensity: 600 lumen

• Power consumption max 9W (equivalent to 40W incandescent light source)

• Color Rendering Index (CRI): min. 95

• 2 years warranty


Your lamp ships within 2 business days and arrives within 5 business days to your door.


We are pretty sure you will love our Shade Lamp; however, sometimes, we just change our minds. Not a problem. That’s why we are happy to accept returns that meet the following terms and conditions:

• Return shipping costs are to be paid by the customer

• Items that have been used are not refundable

• For items that are returnable, returns must be shipped back and received at Shade within 15 days of customer receipt

• Returned items must be in the original cartons and in new condition

• Merchandise returns will not be accepted without a prior return authorization from Phil Zen. Contact us at, and we will assist you with the process.