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Moss Circles


+ Preserved moss panels are popular as they don't require any maintenance but still provide the benefits of biophilic design to your space: lush colors & organic texture 

High-quality preserved moss doesn't require any water or light

+ Lightweight & Easy to install with included mounting hardware 

+ 3-year warranty


Moss Circles provide a compact way to add a green wall to your space. These circles fit into any interior design and can be customized with different frame choices and moss designs.

• Panels are available in 3 standard sizes and are for indoor applications only

• Suitable for any residential or commercial application

 Each panel is assembled by hand and carefully arranged into our preserved form of once-living organisms into green wall custom designs

• Light dusting and canned air is enough for its maintenance needs

Feeling like getting something custom-made? Your imagination is our blueprint. We also produce preserved moos frames. We will be happy to assist you! Ask our experts at 


Panels ship within about two weeks. A confirmation email and tracking number will be sent right after the shipment.


No returns are accepted as circles are made to order.  


1. A guarantee for the duration of 3 years is given on the construction of the products 
2. The obligations arising from the guarantee may consist of compensation, replacement, or a combination thereof. 
3. Reasonable deviations, such as a slight color deviation, occasional loosening tufts of moss, etc., are inherent in a natural product. Deviations that do not affect the (technical) acceptability of this product, as well as the observation of the natural - otherwise harmless - odor of the moss, may not give rise to a claim under or lead to the obligation to replace the delivered and/or compensation.
4. The consumer or client will never be able to invoke the warranty if the defect arose as a result of incorrect assembly, location, or improper use or if changes have been made without the written permission of the supplier, or try to apply to the product and/or the products and/or have used these products for purposes for which the product and/or the products are not intended. Even if the regulations under six have not been observed, no warranty can be invoked.
6. The moss of the supplier has been prepared, which means that, in principle, it requires no maintenance and has a long lifespan. However:
- Moss naturally smells, and this is inherent in the product. The fragrance gradually diminishes and is completely harmless.
- Moss retains its color for a long time. Discoloration can accelerate under the influence of bright (sun) light.
- There are color differences in the moss. The color can be different per box. Therefore mix (different boxes) when using.
- Do not allow the moss to come into contact or rinse with water or other liquids.
- The moss is only suitable for indoor spaces. So do not place it outside.
- The dyes in the moss can give off. This can usually be cleaned with soap and water.
- At low humidity (less than 30%), the moss can temporarily become drier / harder and is more vulnerable. As soon as the moisture content rises again, the moss softens again.
7. The preserved green of the supplier, or stabilized green, which has undergone preparation, has the same properties as the prepared moss as Article 8 paragraph 6, with the following additions:
- Do not place the Preserved Green in damp areas, RH is not higher than 80%.
- Installation only in indoor areas, Temperature above 12 ° C.
- No major temperature fluctuations.
- Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight due to discoloration.
- Avoid installation just before air conditioning or lamps.

For detailed information regarding your warranty, please contact PhilZen at