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Live Picture Plant Frame


• A piece of living artwork and creative way to bring nature to your home, which is proven to reduces stress, improve cognitive function, enhance mood & creativity

• Healthy Plants: Plants grow freely throughout the system and aren’t restricted to grow pots, producing a vibrant living wall

• Easy Installation: No waterproofing or structural supports required to install the frame

• Smart & Safe Watering: Features enclosed watering and passive irrigation to eliminate potential water issues. Holds up to 2 weeks worth of water 

• Lightweight and Slim: Hardware protrudes only 4.4" off of the wall and weighs only 6 lbs fully loaded with plants and water

Available in 5 different sizes and silver, white or charcoal frame color.

• Premium quality backed by 3 years warranty

• Quick ship in 3 days, best price guarantee & easy return. 


• Plants thrive because their roots are allowed to spread freely throughout each cassette, resulting in a lush and vibrant green wall

• Plants remain healthy because they sit at a natural growth angle and are supported by the individual plant cups

• Polyester blend wick supplies even and steady water and the plastic back shell keeps moisture contained

• Easy Installation, no waterproofing or structural reinforcements required to install hardware

• Smart and Safe Watering Passive irrigation system utilizes natural capillary wicking, which is much more reliable than pumps, drip irrigation lines or catch basins

• Lightweight and Slim Only 8 lb/sqft when fully loaded with plants and water.

• Protrudes only 3.75” from Plant Cassette

• Made of light weight and recyclable Expanded Polypropylene engineered plastic foam

• Healthy Plants Plants can grow throughout the cassette (i.e. not contained to their grow pots), producing a vibrant living wall.

• Powder coated steel frame is available in silver, white and charcoal colors

Allow some extra time for the LivingPicture in 67”x44.5” white as it is on request.

Feeling like getting something custom made? Your imagination is the limit. We also produce preserved moos frames. We will be happy to assist you! Ask our experts at

Light requirement

Plants thrive with the right light exposure which depends on every plant of course. To make sure your plants grow at their best check out our general plant light requirements. 


Installation demo

Check out the enclosed video to see how simple the installation is.

Shipping & Returns

Items will usually be shipped within one day once your payment is confirmed. Allow some extra time for the LivingPicture in 67”x44.5” white as it is on request. Confirmation email and tracking number will be sent right after shipment.


We are pretty sure you will love our Suite Plant product, however, sometimes we just change our mind. Not a problem. If a product does not perform as promised or meet your needs, they’ll do everything they can to make it right. That’s why they are happy to accept returns that meet the following terms and conditions:

• Returns are subject to a 10% restocking fee

• Return shipping costs are to be paid by the customer

• Custom orders are non-cancellable

• Closeout items are non-returnable

• Items that have been used are not refundable

• For items that are returnable, returns must be shipped back and received at SuitePant 30 days of customer receipt

• Returned items must be in the original cartons and in new condition

• Merchandise returns will not be accepted without prior return authorization from Phil Zen. Contact us at and we will assist you with the process.

Limited warranty

Suite Plants warrants that its LivePanel and LivePictures green wall hardware will be free from defects in materials and workmanship, when given normal, proper and intended usage.

Term of warranty

1. Hardware. The limited warranty covers the hardware for three (3) years (after installation in case of the LivePanel. In the event of future claims where an exact installation date is unknown, Suite Plants shall use a date 30 days after initial invoice date.

2. Accessories. The limited warranty covers irrigation system, connections and all other accessories for ninety (90) days after installation in case of the LivePanel.

3. Replacements. Suite Plants warrants replacement parts will perform to the same material standards as the original parts for the longer of the remainder of the original warranty period or ninety (90) days from date of shipment from Suite Plants. This limited warranty does not cover cosmetic defects. Hardware replacement parts may have minor cosmetic defects such as scratches or dents, as long as the defects do not interfere with the functional performance of the part or assembly.

Warranty Procedure

For detailed information regarding your warranty, please contact PhilZen at

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