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moodoAir air purifier & fragrance diffuser


+ Endless fragrance possibilities, you mix the scents to your taste. Scent mixes were created by leading French perfumers. Moodo Air comes with the Beach Party scent family, an exhilarating déjà vu of past sensations. The four base fragrances convey that stimulating and comforting ambiance of pleasures to come. 

+ Scent shuffle mode to avoid getting nose blind after a short time and enjoy amazing scents all-day

+ Air purifier using the three-layered filter to keep the air you breathe fresh and clean. True HEPA, activated carbon crystals, and carbon foam.

+ Covers up to 600 sqft in scent mode and 320 sqft in air purifying mode

+ Smart Home Integration

+ Compact format Height: 4 inch | Width & Length: 4.9 inch

+ Discrete, it generates 20 decibels at low flow and up to 60 at full speed

+ Maintenance free

+ Recyclable capsules

+  Free shipping within 3 business days from our US warehouse

+ Easy Return & 30 days money-back guarantee


Next generation scent diffuser

moodoAIR is a 2 in 1 air purifier AND aroma diffuser. What makes this system remarkable is that the mix and level of scent automatically adjusts every so often so you never become smell-desensitized, or “nose blind”, which happens after 10 minutes on any other standard diffuser or candle. You therefore truly enjoy your scents continuously!   

Moodo offers a selection of 32 fantastic scents, sold in theme families of capsules. Smart and easy to use, controlled by a proprietary app, it connects to Alexa, google assistant, IFTTT and more.

Capsule lifetime

Capsules usage is estimate, based on equation: every capsule is defined empty after 60 hours on full fan speed.You can see the capsules lifetime in the table below, based on the fan intensity used:

Moodo capsule lifetime

Once any of your capsules reach the 100% of consumption, your phone will get push notification. To give you up-to-date result for each capsule, you can use our BETA feature, which will show the percent of remaining aroma in the capsule.

The life-span of AIR filter is 250 hours, so with a typical usage of 8 hours a day it will last for 1 month

What is the ideal room size?

Moodo AIR is designed to treat an area of 30 sqm (323 sqft) in air purification mode

Moodo AIR is designed to treat an area of 60 sqm (646 sqft) in scent diffuser mode

Where should I put my diffuser?

In air purification mode, Moodo AIR is best suited to treat a single room and it is best to place it near you. In scent diffuser mode, for best results place your Moodo somewhere in the center of the room.

Smart Compatibility

Moodo is compatible with the leading smart home technologies: Amazon Alexa, Siri Shortcuts, Google Assistant and more. However Moodo is not compatible with all mesh routers.

What network is the diffuser compatible with?

Moodo supports 2.4Ghz (802.11 b/g/n) Wi-Fi network only. The length of the network name and password (if exists) should be up to 22 characters each

Does it uses essential oils?

No wax, no oil and no aerosol residues; No gas, no flame and no heat risks.- Moodo uses the safe & clean technology of cold-air diffusion

What type of batteries does it use?

Moodo’s rechargeable battery is installed into the diffuser in our factory and is an integral part of the diffuser. Thus it is not possible to add a battery.

Are capsules recyclable?

Yes. Moodo has taken steps to enhance its recycling process by handling returned capsules and later using a process of infusing the spent aroma beads with fresh fragrance oil or replacing the AIR filter. This helps us reduce the total number of capsules and plastic produced in the process.

What is the shuffle feature?

This new Moodo app feature automatically adjusts the levels of the four scent capsules every so often. This is done so that the scent keeps changing periodically, and users never become smell-desensitized, or “nose blind”.

What does the AIR filter do?

The moodoAIR removes solid particulates such as dust, pollen, mold and bacteria as well as odors and gaseous pollutants from the air.

What is inside the AIR capsule?

Inside the Moodo AIR is a combination of activated carbon crystals, carbon foam and high efficiency particulate air filter.

How efficient is the AIR purifier?

The efficiency of air purifiers can be measured through the space that they treat per unit of time, in cubic feet per minute (CFM). The higher the CFM, the more efficient the purifier is going to be. Moodo AIR’s max CFM for each of its 4 AIR capsule slots is 6 feet3/min, and you can scale up if you use 2,3 or 4 AIR pods simultaneously.

When using 2 AIR pods it will take you approximately half time to clean the room as compared to using 1 AIR pod, or you can support a bigger space at the same time. Using 3 or 4 AIR pods simultaneously will increase the efficiency even more.

How long should I run the AIR filter?

In typical conditions and while using a single AIR filter it will take 5 hours to clean the air of a 75 m3 (2650 cubic feet) room size

How long does the air filter last?

The life-span of AIR filter is 250 hours, so with a typical usage of 8 hours a day it will last for 1 month

How do I know when to change my air filter?

An automatic alert will appear on the Moodo app as well as by email (email notification requires the user to approved in the app notification center.

How long can the system filter air when on battery?

If not connected to power, Moodo AIR will run for 8 hours on its battery

How much maintenance is required?

None. Moodo capsules are single-use 100% recyclable products. Replacing a scent capsule with a new one takes only a few seconds. There are no left-over liquids, wax or dirt to worry about, so it is maintenance free.

How loud is the system when in use?

Depending on the purification or scent level speed, Moodo AIR ranges from 22 decibels (proportional to background in a very quiet rural area) to 60 decibels (proportional to a normal conversation). You can adjust the speed level using the Moodo app or the device buttons.

How do I set up my Moodo


 “Signature required” – applies for all orders with Moodo devices. Your delivery will be scheduled. US shipments require an adult signature at the delivery address (someone at least 21 years old). Shipments to other countries – courier services may obtains a signature from someone at the delivery address, a neighbor, building manager or someone at a neighboring address.

“Leave at front door”, available only for capsules orders. Please note that by selecting this delivery option we (Agan Aroma/Moodo/PhilZenDesign) are not responsible for any missing packages.

We have a 30-day hassle-free return policy

If you are unsatisfied by your purchase for any reason, let us know via email to within 30 days of your purchase confirmation email. Once we receive and confirm your return request, we will ask you to simply return the package to our warehouse. You will be charged a processing fee of 5% of the total amount of the order. Please note that the shipping costs are non-refundable and you would have to cover the return shipping costs.

For example: If you purchase a Moodo device and scent capsules for $189 and pay US shipping costs of $7, should you decide to return the products within 30 days, you will receive a refund of $179.55 (after deducting the 5% return fee).

In case the return is due to product defect, no cancellation or shipping fees shall apply


We offer one year warranty on the system