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Why Our Customers Love The Varier Gravity Balans

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The Varier Furniture Gravity Balans was designed by Peter Opsvik about 40 years ago. It's objective was to create a single chair to accommodate relaxation and productivity. Its four angles allow postures ranging from kneeling to fully reclined in zero gravity.

When in the most reclined position, your legs are above your heart, so you don't have to work as hard to get your blood flowing. In this levitation-like position, your spine and head are well supported, and the chair gently rocks in response to the rhythm of your breathing that allows you to relax into weightlessness.

We featured it at the Interior Design Show in Toronto and the chair was a hit. The expression of people getting into that zero gravity position is priceless. The chair is today still a bestseller! 

What Our Customers Say

Varier Furniture Gravity Balans Best 2023 Lounge chair 2330 by Phil Zen Carolyn Review
I am 100 percent satisfied with my beautiful anti gravity balans chair. I have enjoyed all 4 modes and my partner who is pretty large also floats in the reclining positions effortlessly. He assisted assembly and it was easy for him. It looks beautiful with my studio desk and absolutely love it.

Carolyn C.- Washington

Coolest Chair! I love the deep blue leather and the wood. We have been getting used to it and think it’s great ! Our little dog was puzzled about how to get up in my lap, for just a minute, a little funny.

Jeana H. - California

Varier Furniture Gravity Balans Best 2023 Lounge chair 2330 by Phil Zen Jeana review
Varier Furniture Gravity Balans Best 2023 Lounge chair 2330 by Phil Zen review Nick
I purchased this chair for reading but found it more comfortable than my Herman Miller Embody chair for desk work too! Amazing chair with outrageously good ergonomics. This is good design embodied (sorry, Herman Miller)!

Nick T. - Virginia

Our Feedback

We have been testing this chair for a month, and here is what we liked :

  • It's versatile - you can work at your desk, relax or nap. From active kneeling to full reclined, we have never had a chair that offers so many options. You can sit in the chair all day, work, relax and induce movement by changing position. 
  • It's very comfortable - The upholstery and shape of the seat and backrest offer outstanding back support. It is firm but comfy! 
  • It's unique - It blends into any interior due to its unusual and minimalist design. Also, having no mechanical parts makes it very simple to use and can't break down. 
  • It's green & built to last - made of recycled materials and wood from sustainable forests, the chair is 100% recyclable. It is a premium quality product.

We have tested many lounge chairs, and there is nothing like this. We really like the Gravity Balans and decided to add one to our office. It's just a perfect chair. 

You may also want to discover more about the Gravity Balans on our product page. 

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