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Top 3 Reasons The HAG Capisco Is A Bestseller

  • 2 min read

Few furniture designs withstand the test of time, as well as the HÅG Capisco. Established as a seating icon for over 30 years, the chair is as popular and contemporary today as the day it was launched.

Here are the top 3 reasons for the Capisco's success

1. Shaped for Motion

The unique saddle seat of the HÅG Capisco enables balanced sitting, a sitting posture that inspires various positions. Your lumbar curve is preserved, the hip joint angles are open, and muscles are well-balanced and relaxed to eliminate the strain on your body that is often associated with conventional sitting.

The absence of standard armrests enables greater freedom of movement, which encourages creative, alternate sitting positions. Forwards, backward, sideways, from sitting to perching – the best sitting position is always the next one. Active sitting increases blood flow for a healthier metabolism and oxygenation, leading to increased alertness and creativity.Hag Capisco best 2022 ergonomic active chair by Phil Zen

2. Versatile Ergonomics

No other task chair is so well adapted to sitting at different heights. The extensive height ranges of the HÅG Capisco make it easy to vary sitting heights, a unique opportunity to induce additional movement throughout your day.

The chair is, therefore, a perfect fit for a sit-to-stand desk. The HÅG in Balance® tilt with tension adjustment promotes subconscious movement and the back and seat depth adjustments offer high precision support and comfort.

3. Quality and environment

Crafted in the US and following the highest environmental standards, the HÅG Capisco has been a forerunner in eco-design. The number of components and materials used in the chair has been reduced to a minimum.

The chair is designed for easy disassembly, so the various materials can be separated from each other to facilitate recycling. Today over 55% of the chair is made from recycled materials.

Hag Capisco 8106 best 2022 active chair for home and office by PhilZen


The HÅG Capisco is a fully versatile and customizable chair which means it never looks out of place, whether in the office, meeting room, or somewhere unexpected. Designed in 1984, the popularity of the HÅG Capisco has grown steadily, and the chair is now one of the world's most famous active chairs.

See the many customization options we offer on the HÅG Capisco, and let us know if you have any questions.