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Which Office Chair Should I buy? 10-Second Quiz

  • 3 min read

When it comes to task seating, there are many different designs on the market. They range from the simple standard office chair to the sophisticated saddle chair. 

That’s why shopping for a task chair can itself seem like a task—and an overwhelming one at that. Especially owing to the many aspects to consider and to the exhausting amount of advertising and sales talk coming from the big brands.

It didn’t seem right to me that shopping for the best office chair should be like that. So I wondered if there might be a way to help consumers cut right to the heart of the quest and in a few seconds identify out of all the possible choices the ideal chair based on their needs, desires, preferences, and budget.

2022 Active Chair Guide best 2022 by PhilZen
Office active ergonomic chair quiz best 2022 by PhilZen

Yes, there was a way

The solution turned out to be a fast, four-question quiz that at the end delivers an instant recommendation.

Permit me to walk you through this quiz, but first please understand that it’s not a sales gimmick—it’s an educational tool, a conversation starter, to bring to your attention product types and designs you might not have previously considered. I believe it’s important to have conversations around potential purchases so we can make informed decisions that can lead to a life-changing experience.

And just to prove that this quiz isn’t a sales ploy, you don’t have to sign up for anything in order to take it. Nor do you have to provide an email address. You just go straight to answering the four questions and then instantly receive your personalized recommendation (the entire process takes about 10 seconds, which makes this quiz ideal for those of us who are super-busy or who have little patience).

How the quiz works

Okay, so basically, as I mentioned, you're asked four question. It's limited to four in order to get you to the recommendation as quickly as possible. And not just any recommendation, but the one that's ideally best for you. The questions touch upon what we consider to be the most important factors for obtaining a perfect fit when it comes to chair selection. They are:

  • the way your workspace is designed
  • the amount of time you spend sitting while working
  • your personality
  • your budget

The answers you provide to the multiple-choice quiz lead you to one of our eight shortlisted products—each one a bestseller that’s also top-rated.

Final thoughts

Because of the many things to consider and of the many options on the market, our hope here with this quiz is to offer you a shortcut to let you learn more about amazing designs that best align with your needs, desires, expectations, and budget.

The advantages of getting product recommendations via a quiz like this are that it’s instant, self-served, and personalized (which is how so many of us today like to consume information about everything and anything). Also you don’t need to cram for the exam because it’s not that kind of quiz.

Earlier in this post, I supplied a link to the quiz. But in case you missed it and want to try the quiz yourself, here it is again.

Now, as fast and fun a tool as this quiz is, I recommended that you take a look at our 2024 Ergonomic & Active Chair Guide if you want to learn more about about all the different types of bestselling chairs on the market.

Also please remember that the Phil Zen Design team is— just like the quiz fun and informative, so please don't hesitate to reach out to us  by phone, email, or 24/7 online chat for much more assistance. Here's our contact info.