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I Use This Hack To Relax - It Works Great & You Should Try It Too

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Father of two here. My kids are 4 and 2, and I play an active role in their daily care. So, in addition to feeding, clothing, and nurturing Phil Zen Design, I do the same for my children. But because I wear more than one hat, I often find it hard to relax at the end of the day.

You probably face this same challenge. Which is why I want to share my personal experience regarding relaxation and the hack I use every day to achieve it.

If you think about, we’ve got a lot going on in our lives. Careers, information overload, things right and left trying to grab our already limited attention. Would you agree with me that the lament "I'm so busy" is one of the most uttered of our decade?

Science tells us (as if we didn’t already know from personal experience) that relaxation begins in our minds and then translates out to our bodies. Indeed, the most successful and balanced among us use mediation to get that way and stay that way.

Meditation is a powerful tool. I tried it before, but the problem I found with it is it requires discipline. It also requires mastery of at least a few special techniques. And it requires a commitment of many hours of time devoted to practice. Only with all that in place can you experience the full benefits of meditation.

My Relaxation Technique by PhilZen
relaxation technique

It so happened one day that I came across yet another ad from yet another mind spa promising the world. But looking closer, I realized this one was different as its offerings were proudly backed by neuroscience.

That was all the engineer in me needed to see. Neuroscience. I immediately went down the rabbit hole in order to learn more about this.

Fast forward to today. I have turned into a huge fan of paying a daily 20-minute-into-sleep visit to the mind spa.

It’s a tool I use - and it works. What I like best about it is that all it involves is putting on a regular set of headphones and listening to really pleasing and sophisticated sounds of nature. No skills required (except of course the skill to be able to wear headphones without them falling off).

According to their research, listening to this for 25 minutes is equivalent to spending four hours in deep meditation.

Discover Synctuition


Synctuition offers the first seven days for free to get a sense of the experience and benefits. If you decide this isn’t for you, you can just move on.

As for me, I tried it and loved it. Now I’m hooked for over a year. I’ve shared it with friends and a lot of them are hooked too. It helped with my wellness, and I suspect it’ll do the same for you.

How does it work

Unique mind relaxation technology

With playback in 3D sound, Synctuition goes far beyond anything on the market today and relies on ten years of in-depth research and development based on the latest developments of neuroscience. The program provides immersive meditation audio that considers the actual dynamics of the human hearing system. 

Binaural beats

Binaural beats are created when slightly different modified sounds are sent to each ear. To compensate for the difference, the brain creates a third sound — a binaural beat. Binaural beats have a wide range of well-being benefits, including reduced stress, increased focus, and the promotion of balanced moods.

According to scientific studies, binaural beats can induce the same mental state you would experience with meditation, only faster.

Synctuition sound journeys use binaural beats in a specific frequency range, the Gamma (~40Hz) range. Gamma brain waves are known for promoting heightened perception, learning, and problem-solving. Interestingly, Gamma brainwaves are stronger and more regular in long-term meditations, including Buddhist monks.

Binaural beats; relaxation techniques
Synctuition Spacial Audio Relaxation by PhilZen

Spatial audio

The sound journeys have been created with 3D recording technology that allows listeners to enjoy a spatially accurate soundscape through headphones. Each journey delivers audio as it happens in real nature. When you listen to the waves gently crashing on the sand, the birds singing, or the wind rustling through the branches, the brain reacts as if the audio stimulus is coming live from nature.

To further improve the experience, the journeys include 3D music recordings made with instrumental and vocal techniques conceived during the highest meditative states of mind.

Rhythmic entrainment frequencies

Scientists have discovered that certain sound rhythms and frequencies are better at relaxing the heart rate and managing cortisol stress levels. Each Synctuition sound journey contains these relaxing low-frequency entraining sounds that provide the ideal rhythm for the body to relax.

The positive effect of rhythmic entrainment frequencies has been well established in therapeutic rehabilitation. The rhythmic entrainment frequencies used in Synctuition provide a neurophysiological advantage for the stronger formation of neural connections during listening by increasing neuronal responses in localized brain networks.

Synctuition Rhythmic entrainment frequencies Relaxing by PhilZen

Phil Zen is proudly using and affiliated with Synctuition because it really contributes to our wellness.