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If You Love Someone, Should You Give Them Ergonomic Furniture This Valentine’s Day?

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Forget about the flowers, chocolates, and cards (well, maybe not the chocolates). Those things are nice but can’t compare to the joy that comes from enhancing and energizing a loved one’s home workspace with an ergonomic chair, desk, lamp, or accessories.

And for maximum joy, those ergonomic office furniture pieces should also be designed with sustainability in mind.

Give Ergonomic Furniture This Valentine’s Day Venn DEsign Air Ball by Phil Zen

Sustainable and ergonomic furniture explained

Give Ergonomic Furniture for Home This Valentine’s Day Ayno Midgard by Phil Zen

What is furniture that is both ergonomic and sustainable? It’s sustainable if made from renewable resources (ecological wood as one example) that are sourced closer to the manufacturing facility (to shorten transportation distances and thereby reduce consumption of fossil fuels and emissions of carbon dioxide). 

Sustainable furniture is also that which has been designed to reduce the amount of material needed to manufacture it and, wherever possible, replace virgin material with reclaimed material such asrecycled plastic from water bottles. Lastly, sustainable furniture is made using production processes that cut down on waste and pollution and, ideally, also recyclable. The latest Ayno table lamp is the perfect example of a design pushing the limits of sustainability.

Accordingly, when we buy sustainably made furniture for Valentine’s Day, we’re not only showing love to those we adore (because we know they care about the environment) but also showing love to the planet upon which we all dwell.

Meanwhile, furniture is ergonomic if it is designed to help you be comfortable and feel more mentally and physically powered-up while you work long stretches. It’s furniture that promotes efficiency—and by extension—health and comfort. Consider if you will the ergonomic chair, for instance: it’s going to feature good-posture-promoting functionalities that include adjustable settings, properly molded and cushioned seating, and depending on its design, firm support for the lumbar and upper back.

Various scientific studies have demonstrated that the cost of ergonomic furniture (which tends to be higher than that of the non-ergonomic type) is more than paid for by the increased productivity and quality of work output that results from the use of ergonomic chairs, desks, lights, and accessories. Researchers explain that ergonomic furniture increases productivity and work quality by helping us be comfortable, alert, enthusiastic, and energized.

Give Ergonomic Furniture for Home This Valentine’s Day Varier Move stool by PhilZen

Functional but also stylish

Give Ergonomic Furniture for Home This Valentine’s Day Varier Variable Plus by Phil Zen

Here's something else. Just because furniture is ergonomic and sustainable doesn’t mean it has to be bland in appearance.

There are ergonomic designs available in many stylish options to easily match your home’s existing décor (and to make your Zoom meetings’ frame look more appealing). 9to5 Seating and Varier Furnitureoffer great options.

You can find, for instance, ergonomic furniture in timeless designs that instantly liven up any workspace and add a casual elegance or a delicate, airy feel that complements, say, a vintage-inspired work-from-home office. Designs are available to give your workspace a splash of retro flair or some minimalist accenting.

So ergonomic furniture can be both functional and attractive. I particularly like how nicely this type of product contributes to active sitting. (You might remember from previous posts our discussions about active sitting, the practice of moving around while seated to increase blood and oxygen circulation, improve overall comfort, and sharpen the mind.)

Final thoughts

 Ergonomic and sustainable furniture make great Valentine’s Day gifts, whether to someone you love or to yourself. 

They even make better gifts than an all-expenses-paid weekend at a luxury spa—the massaging and pampering ends after 48 hours, but ergonomic furniture provides therapeutic benefits and wonderful sensations every day you use it for the entirety of its service life.

Think of giving ergonomic furniture this Valentine's Day as an ultimate expression of love and devotion. At Phil Zen Design, we even plant a tree for every purchase you make (therefore helping you share even more love). Browse our curated collections for your Valentine and don’t hesitate to ask us if we can assist you in your selection