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Your Ideal Task Chair Height

  • 2 min read

Perhaps you’re just like me who’s often trying different settings to finally find and improved comfort. So how high should you go? Is there really an ideal height? 

Although there are many different seat types out there, if we focus on the typically task chair, the usual height ranges from 16" to 22" when measured from floor to the seat.Petite users may go as low as 14.5″ whiletallerones may go beyond  21″.  

Ever thought of how to come up with your chair height?

First of all, the very reason why you want to come up with the ideal chair height is that you want to minimize thenegative effects on your shoulders, thighs, neck, and even arms as you work. 

A good foundation find your correct chair height, is to meet the two following conditions:

  1. Your feet should be touching the floor completely.

This is an easy test if you're already sitting in the target chair. First, adjust the height lever until your knees are at a 90-degree angle and your two feet touch the floor entirely.

2. Forearms should be parallel to the desk.

Make sure your forearms are parallel to the desk. If you're working on a computer, keep the angle of your elbows in a 90 – 110 degrees open-angle.

It may not be as easy as it sounds to get the two to work right away. As each person's body ratio is slightly different, what works for one person may not exactly fit the next. Now that you what to aim for, it's about time to look up the average recommended office chair height based on your height.  


Your Height (feet)  Ideal Chair Height Your Height (feet) Ideal Chair Height
4’11” 15.9 inches 6’1″ 19.7 inches
5’0″ 16.2 inches 6’2″ 19.9 inches
5’1″ 16.4 inches 6’3″ 20.2 inches
5’2″ 16.7 inches 6’4″ 20.5 inches
5’3″ 17 inches 6’5″ 20.7 inches
5’4″ 17.2 inches 6’6″ 21 inches
5’5″ 17.5 inches 6’7″ 21.3 inches
5’6″ 17.8 inches 6’8″ 21.6 inches
5’7″ 18 inches 6’9″ 21.8 inches
5’8″ 18.3 inches 6’10” 22.1 inches
5’9″ 18.6 inches 6’11” 22.4 inches
5’10” 18.9 inches 7’0″ 22.6 inches
5’11” 19.1 inches 7’1″ 22.9 inches
6’0″ 19.4 inches 7’2″ 23.2 inches


Friendly reminder: This table is an indication onlyand is based on ergonomics guidelines. 

From an ergonomic standpoint, a proper office chair height can minimize adverse effects on your back, thighs, shoulders, neck, and even arms as you work. And if you spend long hours sitting for work, you may want to consider an active chairs to introduce unconscious movement all day for healthier sitting. Investing in a proper ergonomic chair is an investment in your health for which your future self will thank you for.


Source from BFIMA guidelines