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Living Green Wall - Custom made - Phil Zen Design
Living Green Wall - Custom made - Phil Zen Design
Living Green Wall - Custom made - Phil Zen Design
Living Green Wall - Custom made - Phil Zen Design
Living Green Wall - Custom made - Phil Zen Design
Living Green Wall - Custom made - Phil Zen Design
Living Green Wall - Custom made - Phil Zen Design
Living Green Wall - Custom made - Phil Zen Design
Living Green Wall - Custom made - Phil Zen Design

Living Green Wall - Custom made

Suite Plants
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  • You want to go to the next level and get your own customized green wall? The custom system from Suite Plants is unlike any other on the market. LivePanel® living walls can be used in any indoor or outdoor space, and our patented modular system makes it easy to install and effortless to maintain.

    Get in touch with us at or 833 888 5298 and we will be happy to assist you with your project.

    Benefits of having a green wall

    • Aesthetics: green walls can make a big visual impact

    • Biophilia: research confirms the positive impact plants have on people

    • Air Filtration: plants have natural ability to clean and revitalize the air we breathe

    • Sound Insulation: plants do a great job of absorbing noise

    • Thermal & Humidity Regulation: plants help regulate temperatures and humidity levels

    Benefits of the LivePanel

    • Easy Installation: There are no waterproofing or structural supports required and our green wall can be fit to any new or existing indoor or outdoor space

    • Simple Maintenance: Our revolutionary system requires no maintenance on the hardware and an effective way to keep plants healthy easily

    • Smart Watering: Our living wall systems use water efficient wicking, eliminating the need for pumps. Safe enclosed watering protects your space from mold and water damage. Small green walls can be watered manually reducing cost and water and large green walls can be connected to direct plumbing.

    • Lightweight and Slim

    • Hardware protrudes only 3.75" off of the wall and weighs only 8.2lbs/ft² fully loaded with plants and water

    • Ready for Display: Plants can be pre-grown off-site for a finished look on day one

    Your imagination is our blueprint! We also produce preserved moos frames. We will be happy to assist you with your project! Get in touch at or call us at 833 888 5289

  • Features

    • Plants thrive because their roots are allowed to spread freely throughout each cassette, resulting in a lush and vibrant green wall

    • Plants remain healthy because they sit at a natural growth angle and are supported by the individual plant cups

    • Polyester blend wick supplies even and steady water and the plastic back shell keeps moisture contained

    • Easy Installation, no waterproofing or structural reinforcements required to install hardware

    • Smart and Safe Watering Passive irrigation system utilizes natural capillary wicking, which is much more reliable than pumps, drip irrigation lines or catch basins

    • Lightweight and Slim Only 8 lb/sqft when fully loaded with plants and water.

    • Protrudes only 3.75” from Plant Cassette

    • Made of light weight and recyclable Expanded Polypropylene engineered plastic foam

    • Healthy Plants Plants can grow throughout the cassette (i.e. not contained to their grow pots), producing a vibrant living wall


    Light requirement

    Plants thrive with the right light exposure which depends on every plant of course. To make sure your plants grow at their best check out our general plant light requirements. 

    Get in touch with us at or 833 888 5298 and we will be happy to assist you with your project.


  • General Green Wall Questions

    + What are Plant Cassettes?

    Suite Plants’ Plant Cassettes are the key component of our green wall system. These modular units, where the plants are housed, strike the right balance between ease of maintenance and robust plant health. The cassettes can be replaced, moved, or changed easily and independently.

    Plant Cassettes can accommodate any plant with a 4” base. The design fosters healthy plants by allowing plants to grow upright instead of horizontally and provides room for the roots to grow.

    + Is LivePanel susceptible to mold or bugs?

    LivePanel was designed to help minimize the possibility of these issues:

    Mold and bugs thrive in areas where air, soil and water meet. Wet soil or standing water exposed to the air is the problem. The system uses a wicking system to keep the water, soil and air separate.

    The system does not have any wet soil or standing water exposed to the air, ever.

    Additionally, to prevent stale air and mold, a small air gap is naturally incorporated into the system so that air can circulate around and behind the cassettes.

    + How are LivePanel green walls irrigated (watered)?

    LivePanel living walls can be either manually watered or automatically irrigated:

    Small walls (< 200 sf) can be hand watered, thus saving the expense of connecting the wall to the plumbing system (see retrofitting)

    Larger walls are installed with our Irrigation Control Unit (“ICU”) which is connected to the building’s plumbing system and automatically waters the wall.

    Installation – Suite Plants LivePanel Green Wall System

    + How difficult is it to install LivePanel?

    Under normal situations, the system is very easy to install. The system is modular so it’s just a matter of learning the steps for each part and then repeating the same process. Projects involving curves, recessed areas and cutouts for windows or TVs can be slightly more complicated.

    + What's the weight per square foot and is reinforcement required?

    The system weighs roughly 8.2 lb./sf when fully loaded with plants and water. It can be installed directly on drywall without any requirement for reinforcement or blocking.

    + Does LivePanel require any waterproofing or moisture protection?

    LivePanel does not require any waterproofing or moisture barriers for the following reasons:

    LivePanel uses a passive and completely contained watering system. The water used to feed the plants is held in a series of water tight, aluminum reservoirs and then absorbed up to the plants using a capillary wick contained in each individual plant cassette

    To boot, our plant cassettes are fitted with a waterproof plastic backing so not even the water vapor from the wick affects the underlying wall

    Since there is no pressurized water dripping down the wall or running water that could jeopardize the integrity of the underlying wall, no waterproofing membranes are required prior to installing LivePanel

    For walls featuring automatic irrigation- we require a drain merely as a fail safe – in the worst case scenario where the water is running continuously, all excess water would simply flow down the drain pipe, but never on to the underlying wall. It is impossible for LivePanel to overflow as long as a drain is present.

    Lighting Requirements

    + What are the lighting requirements for indoor Green Walls?

    In general, most indoor spaces do not have an adequate amount of light (125+ foot candles) directed at the wall to foster healthy plant growth. Light readings must be taken in advance to determine how much light is present in a space.

    If there isn’t 125+ foot candles of light present at the site of the green wall installation, supplemental lighting MUST be installed prior to the installation of the wall

    Please see our green wall lighting guide to understand why green walls require supplemental light

    + What are the lighting requirements for outdoor Green Walls?

    Outdoor Walls: Generally, only naturally available light is used for outdoor walls since the sun is much stronger than any available light fixture.

    Lighting for outdoor walls is greatly impacted by the direction the wall faces and the region where the wall is being installed.

    Outdoor installations are highly nuanced with regards to lighting and thus plant selection. Please reach out to a Suite Plants representative to discuss lighting for your outdoor project

    + Who can install the LivePanel Green Wall System?

    LivePanel can be installed by the project general contractor, a sub-contractor, the plant maintenance company or a Suite Plants sub-contractor.

    Installation is not difficult and choosing the installer is a project-specific choice. Sometimes the installation can be split up by two parties with a general contractor installing only the hardgoods and a plant maintenance company installing the plants.

    Plants – Suite Plants LivePanel Green Wall System

    + What types of plants can be used (indoor & outdoor)?

    For indoor installations, the plant pallet usually consists of various types of two light tropical plants. The main concern with indoor installations is ensuring that there is sufficient lighting for the plants. Please see our indoor plant guide for recommendations.

    For outdoor installations, the plant choices will be highly dependent on the climate of the location. The main concerns for outdoor installations are sunlight duration and excessive cold temperatures.

    + What type of plant designs can be made?

    There are many different possibilities for plant design and planting pattern. The size of the wall is the greatest determinant for plant design options (more plants = more possibilities), along with the client’s aesthetic preferences and which plants will do well in that specific environment.

    + What kind of maintenance do the plants need?

    All living walls need plant maintenance. The plants will need regular care, including pruning, fertilizing and treating illnesses.

    + How long do the plants last or do they ever need to be replaced?

    Even under ideal conditions, a small percentage of plants will die annually of natural causes. With a living wall you should generally expect to replace 1% - 5% of the plants per year and have plants last on average 4-6 years.

    + Can you grow herbs or vegetables?

    Yes, you can grow herbs and vegetables, but LivePanel is not the right system for this goal. Aesthetically, herbs and vegetables are not appealing in any living green wall system.

    + Do the plants need any fertilization?

    We recommend a low level of water soluble fertilizer to be added to the water supply to help the plants achieve maximum growth potential. Our Irrigation Control Unit contains a built-in water soluble fertilizer injector.

    Maintenance – Suite Plants LivePanel Living Green Wall System

    + Does the LivePanel system itself require any maintenance?

    No, the system components are durable and do not require any maintenance. If installed with an Irrigation Control Unit that has a fertilizer injector then the fertilizer tank will need to be periodically refilled.

    + How much water does the system use?

    This is highly dependent on location (indoor or outdoor), the amount of lighting, the climate and the types of plants.

    + Can the plants use recycled rainwater?

    Yes, it is possible, but designing a rainwater recapture and filtration system is costly.

    + Who maintains LivePanel Green Walls?

    Usually done by a plant maintenance company, also known as a “plantscaper” or “interiorscaper.”

    Suite Plants has a trusted network of over 300 interiorscaper partners across the country and can provide referrals for green wall maintenance.

    Get in touch with us at or 833 888 5298 and we will be happy to assist you with your project.


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