Backapp 360 Balance Board


Keep moving, exercising your core stabilizing muscles. The Backapp 360 is a great complement to your standing desk to keep you refreshed throughout the day by staying active and burn more energy through gentle motion, continually activating your body’s muscles


• Exercises your leg muscles, hips, ankles and spine. Also increase the blood circulation in your legs

• The damping device makes it possible to stand safely on the adjustable ball (knob)

• The amount of movement (tilting) is adjusted by turning the knob

• Uses recycled and recyclable material

• Produced in Scandinavia

• Warranty 5 Years

• Easy 30 days return

• Best price guarantee

• Quick ship


Main body - Dark Grey 30% Fiberglass reinforced Polypropylene (PP). A bolt made of Polyamide (PA) is molded into the PP in the center.

• Adjustable tilting knob - Injection molded with a soft skin in Tetra Polyurethane (TPU) onto a Polyamide (PA) nut. The amount of movement (tilting) is adjusted by turning the knob (clockwise to decrease movement and counter clockwise to increase movement of the board).

• Dampening ring - The dampening ring at the bottom of the board that enables smooth balancing movement is made of a soft Tetra Polyurethane (TPE) material.BACKAPP 360 MOTION BOARD DIMENSIONS

• Warranty - Five (5) years limited warranty for normal use (8 hours per day) of persons weighing up to 250 lbs. Tested to ANSI/BIFMA standards


Items will be shipped within 3 business days once your payment is confirmed. Confirmation email and tracking number will be sent right after shipment.

Guarantee of effects

We guarantee that you will strengthen your back while you are using a Backapp. If you do not agree or are otherwise dissatisfied after 30 days, you can return the board and get your money back! The board must be returned undamaged and in its original packaging. The purchaser pays for freight. You must include the “Why I am returning the board” form. The form is delivered with the board.

Product guarantee

The guarantee covers five years of normal use. Normal use means use at the office or at home by persons weighing 110 kg or less. The guarantee covers manufacturing defects and the replacement of any damaged parts. Backapp requires defects to be reported in Backapp’s claim system. The following is required to approve a claim:

1. Picture(s) of the defect

2. Picture of the label on the chair with the production date and serial number

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